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Redscale – Feed Them To The Lions

Feed Them To The Lions
by Dave Nowels at 07 September 2019, 5:37 AM

It's pretty frustrating. A band goes to great lengths to write songs and record them. They work with an interested label and come to terms on a record deal. They work with a talented artist and utilize stunning artwork and a merchandise plan. They go to the trouble of creating a press kit to send to outlets such as Metal-Temple along with a review copy  in the hope they'll get an album review. Yet at no time did the band or the record label in any of these materials nor online provide the band members names. Thus, I've listed it an uncredited. Perhaps the band is going for the “mysterious vibe”, or maybe it just got missed somehow. Whatever the purpose was, it's frustrating to have wasted as much time as I did trying to accomplish what I consider my due diligence.

With that out of the way, here's what we have for you today. REDSCALE and their second full-length album, “Feed Them To The Lions” via Karma Conspiracy Records. REDSCALE are a four-piece hailing from Berlin, Germany that specialize in Heavy Rock/Stoner Rock/Metal. “Feed Them To The Lions”, follows their 2017 release, “Set In Stone” and their 2016 demo, “Under The Spell”.  To be honest, there's nothing really new enough happening here that's going to turn the Heavy/Stoner Rock world on it's ear. Basically it's the same currently popular approach of heavy riffs, crushing rhythms with a healthy dose of Psych infused Blues. It's been working since the 70's, so  I guess there's no real reason to change it. Still, the level of heaviness and complexities are significantly noticeable.

What REDSCALE have going for them here with “Feed Them To The Lions” is two-fold. Number one, it's REALLY well played, and number two, the production is simply ace. The title track opens with a slow melodic intro that builds for the tempestuously heavy opening run. It's a spacious track with lots of complexities that doesn't even add vocals until about 1/3 of the way into it's 9:25 total length. When the vocals kick in, there's power and confidence there. Stylistically reminiscent of Neill Fallon of CLUTCH, but still unique enough to make it interesting. Highlights besides the title track epic included the blistering   “The Hard Rain”, the slow and slinky “Bells Of War” and the closing epic “Phoenix”. So despite a frustrating introduction, in which I'm still stewing a bit over, REDSCALE have provided quite the enjoyable album with “Feed The To The Lions”. Fun, heavy and interesting. Perhaps they're a band to keep your eye on. If we ever figure out just who's in the band.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Feed Them To The Lions
2. Htdra
3. Unstuck In Time
4. The Hard Rain
5. Bells Of War
6. Cold Dawn
7. Ashes
8. Phoenix
Record Label: Karma Conspiracy Records


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