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Redshark – Evil Realm (Reissue)

Evil Realm (Reissue)
by Duff at 30 August 2021, 3:24 PM

Spanish outfit REDSHARK were formed during 2012 in Barcelona by Philip Graves, releasing their debut single “Lights of Darkness” in 2013. Originally starting up as a 3 piece with Graves on vocals and bass, REDSHARK would transition to a 4 and then 5 piece adding Chris Carrest on bass and Pau Correas on vocals with Graves swapping to guitar for the current lineup. This latest release is a remastered reissue of their 2019 EP, also including the 2016 EP “Rain of Destruction” and 2 singles.  This expanded edition was issued via Iron Oxide Records on June 4.

REDSHARK play a brand of traditional heavy metal mixed with power, speed and thrash metal elements, whilst maintaining a melodic edge. The overall style would have you think of JUDAS PRIEST /  ENFORCER / WOLF etc mixed with early OVERKILL / HELLOWEEN / EXCITER etc.  The first track is the newer version of “Destroy What Destroys You”, opening the album in a fast thrashy opener complete with wailing wah solo and speedy riffs. “Sentenced to Kill” starts off as a more traditional metal outing whilst incorporating a thrashy mid section. “Burn Your Flag” was chosen to be accompanied by an official music video, please check out the link below. This is another fast thrashy workout with an extremely catchy chorus. “The Beginning of Storm” is a stomping mid paced headbanger.

“Stronger Than Ever” concludes the “Evil Realm” EP leaning towards a more speed metal approach, Track 6 is the original recording of “Destroy What Destroys You”. “Lost in the Streets” is the first song from the “Rain of Destruction” EP and features Graves on vocals. This is a burst of fast melodic speed metal. “Lights of Darkness” has a more straight ahead 80's metal feel that continues  into “Witch”. “Fight the Rules of Power” increases the energy levels erupting into a fast hardcore tinged thrasher. A pacey double bass drum introduces the final track of the EP “On the Edge of War” in another fine mix of trad and speed metal. Closing the album is the original recording of the debut single “Lights of Darkness”.

In conclusion, the 5 songs comprising the 2019 EP are of a higher standard in both song writing and production compared to the rougher sounding earlier material, making a stark contrast between the eras of  new vocalist Pau Correas and original vocalist Philip Graves.  Overall this is worthy release by REDSHARK combining the excellent “Evil Realm” EP with all of their earlier recordings.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Destroy What Destroys You
2. Sentenced to Kill
3. Burn Your Flag
4. The Beginning of the Storm
5. Stronger Than Ever
6. Destroy What Destroys You
7. Lost in the Streets
8. Lights of Darkness
9. Witch
10. Fight the Rules of Power
11. On the Edge of War
12. Lights of Darkness
Pau Correas - Vocals
Javi Bono - Guitars
Philip Graves - Guitars
Chris Carrest - Bass
Mark Striker - Drums
Record Label: Iron Oxide Records


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