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Reek - Necrogenesis

by Matt Coe at 05 October 2014, 8:41 PM

Progressive Thrash is not a common sub-genre of Heavy Metal – reason being, the proficiency and chops that are required takes much more dedication to one’s craft versus heads down chugging or basic rhythms and tempos. So when given a chance to take in an act like Spain’s REEK, it’s certainly a treat. “Necrogenesis” is their first full-length album, hot on the heels of their debut “Rubbish Through Your Veins” EP in 2012 – a 9 song affair that has loads of speed, drop on a dime twists and tempo changes, and this air of unbridled passion to deliver Progressive Thrash like the late 80’s / early 90’s.

Let’s get the questionable aspects out of the way first. Out of the 9 tracks, 6 contain vocals and 3 are instrumentals – which doesn’t bug me in the least as you’ll hear some quality guitar skills and Progressive chemistry within “Landscapes of Elysium” as well as some Classical runs throughout “Babidi Resurrection”. However putting 2 of the 3 instrumentals back to back makes no sense to me – no matter how different they may be. Song order and flow does matter, and could be a sticking point for some when it comes to REEK.

Fortunately for them, their exemplary playing abilities and jaw dropping dexterity makes up for this minor deficiency. Artists like ANACRUSIS, ANNIHILATOR, FORBIDDEN, REALM, and TOXIK must factor into their outlook – while vocalist Iván Lara has more of a darker, semi-growl nature to his melodies that will keep the quintet away from any commercial radio orientation at least for the time being. When they choose to perform in a straight forward manner, such as the opening sequence of “The Sound of Decadence” or “Human Condition”, a mix of older ANTHRAX or OVERKILL comes to mind – a semi-gallop present especially in the bass and drum passages.

Also prepare for tasteful, melodic soloing that isn’t always of a blitzkrieg manner – further exemplifying their ‘song first’ outlook. In the end, REEK serve up a 46 minute Progressive Thrash outing that I know will more than appease people who seek out that style.

4 Star Rating

1. The Sound of Decadence
2. Violent Winterlight
3. Hypochondriac
4. Ethereal Shadows
5. Landscapes of Elysium
6. Human Condition
7. Pernicious Gerontophiliac Commitment
8. Babidi Resurrection
9. Scions of the Void
Iván Lara – Vocals
Gerard Tora – Guitars
Oriol Pérez – Guitars
Sergio López – Bass
Oscar Naranjo – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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