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Refuse Resist - Socialized

Refuse Resist
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 30 September 2010, 10:09 PM

“There was a time when music was life, and life was music. A time when people communicated with each other face to face. Whether it was a club or a basement, music was easy to find and a lot of kids were into it.”

I borrowed these words from REFUSE RESIST’s Myspace page because I thought it would be a much more interesting intro from me writing several stuff that may not even interest you. The Massachusetts, USA based quintet releases its brand new album “Socialized” through I Scream Records and is ready to deliver some “quality” music. If you are not a fan of the Punk/Hardcore movement I guess you should stop reading this review. And for those of you who still had a glimmer of hope, no, their name has nothing to do with SEPULTURA

REFUSE RESIST is nothing more or less than a Punk/Hardcore assault with sing along choruses, beer-drenched vocal “melodies”, furious drumming and in your face riffs that like to keep it simple and straight, just as it should be. Drawing influences from bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, DEAD KENNEDYS, THE MISFITS, BLACK FLAG, MINOR THREAT etc, these five punks release an album with more than just decent music, armed with a great for the genre production, that will satisfy every single fan of the specific sound. It has been some time since I last listened to good Punk/Hardcore album from the underground scene and REFUSE RESIST surely made me move my fat ass and remember my pogo dancing, hahaha!

“Socialized” is probably only for people that don’t want their musical brutal, technical or modern. It is for those who know how to have a good time with 3-4 chords and a nice chorus. So get ready to dance fuckers!

PS: Thumbs up for the incredibly clever cover artwork!

3 Star Rating

  1. Middle America
  2. At A Dead End
  3. One Life
  4. Socialized
  5. Comeback
  6. Living In The Past
  7. Bad Luck
  8. Shoulda Been Aborted
  9. Pick Up The Pieces
  10. IRS
  11. Sunday Matinee
  12. What Is Right
Shawn Refuse - Vocals
Mike Barone - Guitar
Steve Risteen - Guitar
Jamie Payette - Bass
John Mehlman - Drums
Record Label: I Scream Records


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