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Regnant – Transvisceral (Reissue)

Transvisceral (Reissue)
by Thomas Kumke at 19 September 2022, 5:45 AM

REGNANT were formed in 1995 and they are from Santiago, Chile. During their active time, the Death Metal outfit released two full-length albums in 1997 and 2001. The band reformed in 2014 with all four original members plus a second guitarist Rodrigo Munoz. The re-issued album “Transvisceral” was the debut album from 1997 and the remastered version contains additional tracks from the 1996 demo “Eyes Of Suffering”. The album was released via Chinese label Awakening Records, which has a number of Heavy, Death, Power, Speed, and Thrash Metal bands among their roster. It has a length of about 33 minutes.

As REGNANT had their prime during the late 90s, their sound is largely influenced by the American Death Metal bands which led the line during that time. The pace of the songs is either mid-tempo or very fast, and the sound is direct and aggressive. The opener “Fetal Delirium” is a good example of REGNANT’s trademark sound at the time. There are also a few songs, where there is slightly more complexity in the textures. “Regain Our Lunacy” and “En Coma” are good examples. Both tracks are a bit slower than the opener, but with tempo changes throughout and twists in rhythm.

The vocals are typically growls between the medium and the lower end of the guttural range with only slight changes. Occasionally, there are background vocals added to the songs, such as in “Condemnatory Sentence”. The sound is dominated by the classical Death Metal guitar riffing, it is aggressive and dark with little technicality. Lead guitar solos are present in a few songs like “En Coma”, “Sangrame” or “Evolutive Error”, with the one in the latter song is among of the album highlights. Most of the lead guitar solos are direct and fit very well to the sound. Overall, there is little variation in the sound of the album. One of the exceptions is “En El Vacio” which has a different sound with a few Hardcore vibes. “The Rape” is a mix of everything ranging from spine-chilling slower parts with crunching bass lines to hammering parts at insane speed.

The demo “Eyes Of Suffering” has a slightly different sound compared to the full-length album. “Source Of Suffering” is a short and pummeling track at insane speed. “Deprived” is a bit more technical with a few Thrash vibes reminding me on early SEPULTURA. The vocals on all demo songs include, beside the deep growls, also higher pitched screams. “Devouring Minds” is another fast track from the demo which includes a cool lead guitar solo. From the demo, only “The Rape” made it to the debut album. While “Source Of Suffering” and “Devouring Minds” come in two different versions (with the second version of “Source Of Suffering” being distinctly longer than the first one), “Buitres” is a track which I could not find in the entire discography of REGNANT. Assumingly, it might be a very early song as the version is not remastered.

I am not sure what the purpose of re-issuing the first REGNANT album is. It may serve to reignite the career of a band, which has not released music for more than 20 years, or it may serve to establish the label. I any case, it is a treat for all traditional Death Metal fans who love the South American Death Metal of the 90s.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Fetal Delirium
2. Regain Our Lunacy
3. En Coma
4. Condemnatory Sentence
5. Evolutive Error
6. En El Vacio
7. The Rape
8. Remembraince
9. Sangrame
10. Southermost Land
11. Source Of Suffering
12. Deprived
13. The Rape
14. Devouring Minds
15. Source Of Suffering
16. Buitres
17. Devouring Minds
Christian Cisterna – Vocals
Juan Francisco Fernandez – Guitars
Gillermo Solis – Drums
Roberto Marti – Bass
Record Label: Awakening Records


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