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Regnvm Animale - Ignis Sacer

Regnvm Animale
Ignis Sacer
by Daphne Minks Daly at 23 February 2021, 10:45 PM

Swedish black metal artists "REGNVM ANIMALE" have released the powerful new album, "Ignis Sacer."  Recorded, produced, and mixed by the band’s drummer, Eldar Fallahi, the album tackles complex subjects such as global destruction, division, and persecution. These themes run consistently throughout the entirety of the album. They are clearly of concern to the band on a profoundly deep level.

The first track of this five-song EP is “Att Leva Utan Självaktning," a clip from the film The Passion Of Anna, a Swedish film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. The film won Bergman the esteemed Best Director award from the National Society of Film Critics in 1970. The two-and-a-half-minute film clip is coupled with thought-provoking, heartfelt music creating an ominous mood.

"Interregnum," begins with a folk-metal infused introduction then gently moves into a power metal position just before propelling into a full classic black metal cadence. The song is wrought with emotion while simultaneously delivering a pounding intensity. Never losing the song's foundation, "REGNVM ANIMALE" successfully marries multiple genres, including pirate metal, which all work alongside one another in a refreshing mix. Proving this reviewer's favorite on the album, "Interregnum" is epic and deserves to be heard by the masses.

The title track, "Ignis Sacer," is an epic, atmospheric track with tortured vocals, classic metal change-ups, and a fevered intensity. "REGNVM ANIMALE" keeps the force and drive throughout while managing to intertwine complex doom metal rhythms. A suggestive grandiosity flows through the song with a clearly deep-rooted, visceral pain. Impressive drum and bass-work pull this track together, allowing it to breathe without getting messy.

On "Missväxt," "REGNVM ANIMALE" employs melodic, galloping British metal-style guitar leads with build-ups and drops in just the right places. The vocals on this track make the band's crust roots apparent, and it becomes unmistakable just how much crust and core this band has to them.

The final track, "Suveränitetserosion," offers a sharp contrast to the rest of the album and leans the album back into the black metal category. Still, however, they never entirely separate themselves from the crust-punk, hardcore influences weaved throughout.

Imposing and grim, "REGNVM ANIMALE" establishes a solid collection of songs that are not only well-produced but also well-performed. This band, whose solid musicianship, global concerns, and unique take on genres will undoubtedly go far.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability:  7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Att Leva Utan Självaktning
2. Interregnum
3. Ignis Sacer
4. Missväxt
5. Suveränitetserosion
Jens Waldenström - Vocals
Eldar Fallahi - Drums
Nayeem Mahbub - Guitar
Jörgen Björklund - Bass and Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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