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Reign Of Fury - World Detonation Award winner

Reign Of Fury
World Detonation
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 December 2012, 4:02 PM

When losing your grip, the probable solution would be to just detonate. Detonate your surroundings; ignite the fires of those coming to seek redemption on your expense. Maybe it’s time to live a little, have some fun, relax upon nostalgia, and hear the unforgettable sounds that reek perfection. The soul calls to never let go of what is truly important when you put on the headphones, check the volume, ready to for next thing to hit you right in the spine. So enough talk and more action, welcome to the world’s detonation, greet the mighty moshpit; salute to the classic, measure the greatness of what you are about to witness. This is the world of the British REIGN OF FURY and their debut album, “World Detonation”. I never hurry to judge a band, especially a rather newcomer group as REIGN OF FURY, but what can I do, I just couldn’t stop myself from bursting into optimistic emotions after listening to this piece of gold released via Stormspell Records. Definitely, and this is only the beginning of my usual babbling, “World Detonation” is one of the best prospects I have heard in the past couple of years and one of the runner ups for the album of the year.

Yes, you probably figured, if you have been reading my reviews, that I am a sucker for what is Heavy, Power, Thrash, Death, especially if those are old school and come from the US. However, in the last decade I have to admit that I also shared more than just mere admiration and respect to innovative material and the extreme stuff in Metal. On the other hand, when I listen to a call back to school, who am I to let it go? Who am I to pass it on as if it wasn’t there? Well not me ladies and gentleman. So I am through talking about me because this is REIGN OF FURY’s stage. Aside from being British, coming from the land where Heavy Metal music was forged and bred, these crew of five exploded with a staggering passion towards the genre’s best years, whether it comes to a tremendous production that solidifies with downright reverence to the magnificent days, or the approach of their material, their goals aren’t but noticeable and obvious. There are cases where I say that too obvious can lead to downward spiral, but not in the case of REIGN OF FURY. They took their country’s early Metal like JUDAS PRIEST and composite NWOBHM roots (IRON MAIDEN), infused it with mid to late 80s semi-buzz saw Speed / Thrash guided by a US Metal direction (TESTAMENT, EXODUS, METALLICA, HEATHEN and SLAYER) and exploited every solid minute of this fusion to ensure that “World Detonation” would become a celebration of rhythmic greatness, a riffing induced merriment of victory and melodic salutation.

After enjoying the colossal instrumental prelusion of “Goodbye Mother Earth”, which reminded me of the those larger-than-life pre Thrash, Heavy Metal stimulated, intros, paved the road for the first order of business, “Infernal Conflict”. Right from the first step of this track, I knew that I was listening to a running goldmine on wheels waiting for me to come aboard and smash a few things. I just could find anything not like, it sounded to right on the spot, so true and passionate and the exact place for me. The sheer bombastic undying riffing, cutting edge, melodic twin guitar flavors, destructive rhythm section and commanding vocals at the helm made me proud of being a Metalhead. There were growls here and there but I believe that their role was to emphasis a rougher side, which most of the time remained dormant anyway. Coming forward to the next sweet offerings I became a bit apprehensive that everything ended right there with “Infernal Conflict” but it didn’t, like an Energizer bunny, it kept going and going all through the classic years. The catchy smacking hit of “Born To Die”, the queen’s crown jewels, is a plain Thrash / Speed Metal anthem without an end. I was so sorry that it was ended so quickly but its length was just right for a hit. Most of the other tracks are long epics, but I didn’t give a shit because those were so varied with everything of what traditional Metal could offer while Thrash serve as a meager appetizer or topping and the quality is no less than mucho perfecto. Therefore guys, as your long time album recommendation officer, I hope that I do, please burst to every store and demand this album, buy it online if you have to, but please do, it’s for your own good. This is how Metal should be made and felt. Are you still here? Get the hell out!

5 Star Rating

1. Goodbye Mother Earth
2. Infernal Conflict
3. Envy The Dead
4. Heaven Awaits / Hell Takes
5. Born To Die
6. World Detonation
7. Vile Submission
8. The Hound 
Bison Steed-Vocals
Jon Priestley-Lead Guitar
Ed “Fury” Westlake-Lead Guitar
Magic Dave-Drums
Heavy Matt Earl-Bass
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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