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Reign of Vengeance - The Final Aeon for All Humans

Reign of Vengeance
The Final Aeon for All Humans
by Liam True at 28 December 2020, 8:43 PM

A good Death Metal album is far and few between. You’ll either get the cookie monster growls of bands like DISENTOMB or the equally heavier, but more listenable approach of THE MACHINIST. REIGN OF VENGEANCE falls into neither of these categories however, as it lays in between of both voids.

That being said, "The Final Aeon," while an EP and not a full length album, is a ride through the concept of a war breaking out in a parallel universe due to class warfare and if it were to happen in our timeline. As interesting as a concept as it sounds, and it grabbed my attention, unfortunately it’s a completely forgettable out put by the band. I’m not saying it’s terrible by any means, in fact it has a few golden moments shine through, but it’s let down by the fact that’s it’s so generic in terms of music and ability.

"Fuck The Recession, Kill Those Who Caused It" is exactly as it sounds as a title. Playing the part of the lower class, vocalist Marshall Beck switches between his growls and his cleaner voice to create a decent opener with some beautiful symphonic elements backing him as Tommy Gibbons creates riff after riff with a great solo in between as Samus Paulicelli crushes the drums with his technical abilities.

From there on out the album just fades away as the only saving graces are the cleans of Beck and the occasional symphonic background sound clearing the palette of the heaviness. What could have been a great album is let down by the fact the band doesn’t try to be different in terms of sound. Instead just following the trend of boring sounding old school Death Metal that numbs and bores you to the point of exhaustion. Still, the band and their musical prowess save the record ever so slightly.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 2
Musicianship: 7
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Fuck The Recession, Kill Those Who Caused It
2. Amassing Towards The Truth
3. The Master’s Summons
4. the Grande Hecatomb
5. The Final Stand; The Final Rebellion
6. The Final Aeon; The Manifestation Of The Black Sun
Marshall Beck – Vocals
Tommy Gibbons – Guitars
Samus Paulicelli – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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