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Reinfection - They Die For Nothing

They Die For Nothing
by Jon Conant at 23 July 2018, 5:43 PM

Fans of BDM/grindcore might be interested to know that veterans of the genre, REINFECTION, are back. In case you missed it, they released their debut full length album “They Die For Nothing” in 1999. After that? They pretty much dipped, aside from some EPs in the mid-200s. But it’s 2018 now, and they’re back in action. They’ve teamed up with Deformeathing Production, and to celebrate are releasing a re-issue of their debut album, “They Die For Nothing.” The mixing and production are the same, it’s still classic death/grindcore: terrible production, brutal and nonsensical harsh vocals, and a whole lot of irreverence. Good stuff. Fans will now have the opportunity to purchase the previously out-of-stock jewel case with updated artwork and an expanded 12 page booklet.

Of course, this is all just the build up for an upcoming full length from REINFECTION, slated for a September release via Deformeathing Production. Obviously there is no indication of what that will look or sound like, but I imagine classic BDM with updated mixing and mastering, in the classic grindcore style. In the meantime enjoy the fun in “They Die For Nothing”. I won’t pretend to be the foremost expert on the genre, but I was especially interested in the title track for it’s MDM influences, and that also goes for “Skin Torn Off The Genitals”, the music was as poetic as the  name. “A Morgue Filled With Rotting Corpses” made me feel like I could get in a fight and win, talk about a pump up track. “Take This Knife and Cut My Neck” is a fitting closer.

The overall concept of the album is truly a horrifying and violent experience, you can see why REINFECTION were pioneering the genre back in the day. In terms of trying to be as blatantly and violently offensive as possible, this is pretty high up there. And the songs do follow a definitive structure recounting the story, it’s brutal but the well written narrative shows. It may be devastatingly fucked, but the poetry is there. Or maybe it isn’t, because it’s fucking grindcore. Who knows. Not me. It’s grindcore. Nobody knows, I don’t even think REINFECTION knows. The point is, get stoked for the upcoming release from REINFECTION, and maybe buy their pretty new jewel case if you feel the Lord calling you to do so.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 0

4 Star Rating

1. Devastation In Mind Of Psychopathic Killer
2. An Institute Of Bloody Anatomy
3. They Die For Nothing
4. The Pedophile’s Odour
5. Smell Of My Victim
6. Abrupt Decease
7. Skin Torn Off The Genitals
8. The Limit Of A Virginal Weakness
9. A Morgue Filled With Rotting Corpses
10. Take This Knife And Cut My Neck
Record Label: Deformeathing Prodcution


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