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Reinforcer – Prince of The Tribes

Prince of The Tribes
by Justin Joseph at 12 July 2021, 11:28 PM

Aragorn: “Legolas! What do your Elf eyes see?!”
Legolas: “I see potential upon the horizon, a band of warriors who possess much greatness…”
Aragorn: “What about the Hobbits Legolas???”

We see it too Legolas…we see it too. In case you’re wondering what in the world Legolas’ Elf eyes do indeed gaze upon, it’s none other than REINFORCER’s debut album “Prince of The Tribes”. Also, yes….much potential indeed is bestowed upon this album. So let’s get into it, who exactly are REINFORCER? The band of warriors were formed in 2015 and come hailing from the lands of Germany, spreading their epic tales through their first album, “Prince of The Tribes” (2021). Prior to this they released only one EP, “The Wanderer” (2018). REINFORCER for all words can be defined as a Power Metal band which is one genre that comprises of many knights sitting around the round table. But the real question is, does REINFORCER earn their keep at this table? Is this album really good? Let’s find out.

Now right off the bat, if you have stuck around this far (thank you) you will realize I did not compare any bands similar to REINFORCER. The reason being is since it’s Power Metal, I believe most upcoming bands within this brand do indeed draw inspiration from the likes of giants such as BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE,HELLOWEEN,ANGRA, etc. I mean there are a variety of heroes in this category to quote, and since it’s these guys first album I thought it only be fair to judge it as is, so hopefully you the reader understand.

The albums commences with the track, “Prince of The Tribes”, immediately the listener is greeted with ominous chords which sets the stage and atmosphere as though a great story is about to be recited. The man riff around the 00:53 minute mark creates that epic scale which drives the listener forward, followed by the voice of this album’s storyteller. What I mean by ‘storyteller, is because the song itself has the mood of a warrior recounting his memories in battle over a campfire to his comrades. The vocal melody is serviceable and quite good, so let’s get the obvious out of the way. Usually in Power Metal what usually makes the genre unique (in my opinion) is the vocals, the voice of the band, whether it be operatic, a high falsetto register or a melodic tone, it’s usually the most defining trait. REINFORCER’s vocalist (Logan Lexi) definitely gets the job done, this guy could bloody sing really damn well, he possesses a commanding, epic voice. However, there is a slight nitpick, but I will elaborate in the next point. From the 3:50 minute mark is a highlight of this track where the guitars (handled by Tobias Schwarzer and Niclas Stappert) branches into a buildup which leads into a quite impressive solo. The riffing is reminiscent of older RHAPSODY. Overall the first song is warm welcome to the listener, it paves the path for the album and also peaks the curiosity of the listener.

The second song, “Allegiance and Steel” is where the album shines allot. Now let’s address the nitpick I had mentioned before….the first track, while good and melodic, I believed could have been placed within the middle of the album, again, let me reiterate, its good, but in terms of energy and spirit, I think “Allegiance and Steel” should have been the opener of this album, as it commands that aura one expects from a Power Metal album as well it showcases these warriors perfectly as it’s a more face paced track. Concerning the vocal melodies, there is more range in this one compared to track 1, again this is not me bashing the first song, and rather I am just suggesting that maybe this song (“Allegiance and Steel”) is much more colossal in substance that it would have drawn in the listener more. One most also take heed of the drumming (courtesy of Lasse Schmiedel) here which illuminates the riffing utilized on this songs since the tone is fast paced. From the 2:45 minute mark, is a fine example of the drumming used effective, with its thunderous tone that fuses with the riff, but the bass notes (compliments to Marvin Fretter)also mixes good with that small portion, this is a particular point in the song, where I feel the instruments complement each other in harmony. “Black Sails” adopts the same soul as “Allegiance and Steel” following with the same furious riffing style but feels more like a song which is crowd friendly, in which the chorus hook is one that can be sung along at concerts. Each song has its standout solo that just paints the atmosphere for you, in this one at the 3:00 minute mark is possibly my favorite.

Now onto “Sheildmaiden”! Hands down is my all-time favorite song on this album, it’s the one I listen to the most. The first 33 seconds of the song weaves an intro where the guitar and drums take the spotlight but with the bass following suit. Now…not to sound too cheesy, but this is a song where you could probably look up into the sky and expect a majestic falcon to be soaring high and then suddenly fly down and perch on your arm while your locks flow in the wind. REINFORCER, don’t think I’m making fun of you, I’m just saying that what I expect from Power Metal you have gifted in this song! A positive about this album that is also displayed on this track, is the lyrical content. One does not simply listen to a Power Metal album without absorbing the inscriptions that is meant to be read, for this is the very breath that animates these songs to life. For “Shieldmaiden”, from my interpretation, it seems to be about a warrior (possibly a Viking) who lost the one he loved (the shield maiden) in battle, now he mourns her death while he recalls the oath they took together to attain the throne. The story may seem simple but its Logan’s vocal melodies that weaves the stiches in this tapestry perfectly.  Even the chorus on “Coupe de Grâce” follows suit with strong vocal melody displayed on “Shieldmaiden” especially where the chorus is concerned. “Coupe de Grâce” feels as though Logan was channeling his inner Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDAIN) the way the vocal delivery was structured on this track. A crowning jewel is the solo at the 2:55 mark that is just viscous in nature, but the drumming at 3:38 that launches into the chorus is enough to revive a fallen warrior on the battlefield.

The album closes with the track “Z32” which is feels more like a ballad, like the battle is over, the field is ravaged, and the lonely warrior takes his sword and walks off to find the home he knows not of. Logan’s voice here, while still majestic feels more somber. For a closing track, it fits the mood perfectly especially the riffing at 2:10 mark.

In general, I really enjoyed this album, it may not be the ground breaking Power Metal that an avid fan yearns for, but I would not turn a blind eye away from these guys. For a first album, they possess the arsenal to construct greater things. “Prince of Tribes” is a most solid foundation to build upon, and everyone is extremely talented. I wish you all the best REINFORCER, may your journey be a most rewarding one! Hails!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Prince of the Tribes
2. Allegiance and Steel
3. Black Sails
4. Shieldmaiden
5. Coupe de Grâce
6. Thou Shall Burn
7. Hand on Heart
8. Another Night
9. Z32
Marvin Fretter - Bass
Lasse Schmiedel - Drums
Logan Lexi - Vocals
Niclas Stappert - Guitars
Tobias Schwarzer - Guitars
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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