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Reinxeed - Welcome To The Theater

Welcome To The Theater
by YngwieViking at 19 June 2012, 12:17 AM

I will review three related albums in a short time. So you can expect some redundancy both in my reviews but also in the music displayed onthose CDs, where the real point is Swedish shinning star Tommy Johansson Reinxeed. Each albums will be released under Christian Lijegren aka "Rivel" (ex-NARNIA / DIVINEFIRE / WISDOM) very own Doolittle Records company. Tommy is a very talented singer, multi skilled musician and an accomplished songwriter / producer / engineer. He's also involved in numerous side-projects as GOLDEN RESSURECTION / CHARLIE SHRED and PELLEK, but he’s mostly the mastermind of his main band REINXEED. After covering some 80s & 90s POP (ABBA / ACE OF BASE) stuff for the "Swedish Hitz Goes Metal" project, and covering numerous famous songs/sillyness for YouTube, he's back with a real new album,a project that smell quite cheesy at first: a Symphonic Metal album influenced by Hollywood's blockbusters original Soundtrack. Not really sexy, right?

However despite some weird and a little too overly done moments, this album is quite captivating while blending some double-kick onslaught with heavily orchestrated symphonic parts, hyperfast Neo-Classical riffs with ultra-high pitched lead vocals and immense & majestic choral vocals with some simple easy listening melodies lines. In fact, this album could stand the analogy fiercely with RHAPSODY's "Dawn of Victory", DRANGONLAND's "Astronomy" or DIVINEFIRE's "Hero" both for this ultimate die-hard / X-tremist line and its unique vision. In addition there are the odd and eccentric parts here and there where it's not painful to keep focus.

I think it has been one of the most courageous and risky idea since a long time, and at last, I came to really like it. The Japanese edition which contains two cover songs as bonus tracks: Gary Moore's "Hiroshima" and "Halloween" from HELLOWEEN's "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" made in a great faithfull rendition. My favorite track is the excellent and very heavy "Freedom" followed by ahuge choir and amazing vocals provided both by Tommy at his peak and by LACK OF FAITH / INMORIA / STEEL ATTACK / TAD MOROSE's (ex)vocalist: Ronny Hemlin guesting proudly and helping to create the most entertaining track of the whole CD in a pure Scandinavian Epic Power Metal fashion.

Another cool & recommended songs are the JURASSIC PARK related "Life Will Find A Way", the James Cameron’s TERMINATOR influenced "No Fate" or the RHAPSODY OF FIRE's little sister "Temple Of The Crystal Skulls". So if you can stand some little cheesy-bum here & there, you will like this one. The whole record is very solid, and the musical performances is also faultless as most of the songwriting, so please buy a golden ticket for this musical saga, i'm already waiting for a sequel soon. End Credits please!

4 Star Rating

1. Welcome
2. Life Will Find a Way
3. Follow Me
4. Save Us
5. Stranger Tides
6. Somewhere in Time
7. Freedom
8. No Fate
9. Temple of the Crystal Skulls
10. Welcome to the Theater
Tommy Johansson– Lead  Vocals, Lead Guitars, Keyboard
Calle Sundberg- Lead Guitars
Alfred Fridhagen– Drums
Nic “Steel” Svensson - Bass
Record Label: Liljegren Records


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