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Reject The Sickness - Chains Of Solitude Award winner

Reject The Sickness
Chains Of Solitude
by Craig Rider at 30 November 2015, 8:45 PM

REJECT THE SICKNESS is a 5-piece Melodic Death and Progressive Metal band from Belgium. The band meticulously craft punching Melodic Death Metal guitar riffs, as well as fusing the Progressive characteristics and similarly Hardcore vibes of Metal. While yes, I do sense all of this, but the most I sense is just an epic Death Metal fused with the Hardcore transition. Brutality and melody is, of course, the best way to describe REJECT THE SICKNESS, from beginning to end, I enjoyed a fairly extensive Melodic Death Metal masterpiece. The most interesting thing to note is - the vocalist - Guy Vercruysse works as a social worker, inspired from his job and his love for Metal, he creates Metal music in inspiration from the struggles he has to deal with…with the outcasts of youth, on how they get back into society and at their molesters. Creating fictional Metal stories is what he, and the band thrives for touching.

From beginning to end, at first I thought this would be a Grindcore band with the name of REJECT THE SICKNESS, I don't think one would blame me, as well as the short length of the album and certain songs. But beginning the introductory track begins the epic melodic vibe of this band. Entering the title track “Chains Of Solitude” begins a crushing force of head banging Metal. Not only is the sound metallic and majestic at the same time, but with sound production as fine as this, I couldn't help but go nuts. “Chains Of Solitude” (the album) only gets better and better. “My Agony” is pretty much self-explanatory, but with added core elementary riffs from Pepijn Desmet on Lead, Ruben Van der Beken on Rhythm, they create some ridiculous head bangers. Jannick Govaert on drums just adds more power to this epic winner of an album. The atmospheric touch of their Death 'n Progressive side only begins to grow heavier with “Only Darkness Is Real” with slightly more faster elements, the groove within unleashes from this band, distributing a fine and rich sound that continues to move me, tenfold. Half way into the album…probably my favorite song, “Depravity”, began. Loud and proud, REJECT THE SICKNESS has developed a sound integrity that any fan of Metal should be into to. Including swerving riffs and agonising vocals, with a groovy tone, oh yes. This is good.

The fist pounding just continues and never gets old. Throughout this point of the album; Progressively; I sense this transition a lot more and this genre begins to grow on me. It surely is a nice touch with the fusion of Melodic Death Metal as well. “Psychopath”, another self-explanatory track, mostly just an angry riff, but with more additions of that “swerving” swoops of guitar riffs. And the drums shine through insanely and heavily here as well. Nice job Jannick Govaert. The most interesting track is probably “Alone”; I think this is where Guy Vercruysse exposes his emotion for his job and life, as I described earlier. The track is more calmed down than previous but isn't very long; it's more of a break from the craziness. Although that sense is still there with “Heaven Turns Black” with the almost perfect sound production and rough tone of their signature sound, comes an explosive, but atmospheric slice of epic Metal. “Hopeless” has more of a religious tone to it, or rather, darker than previous. Positively, there is nothing but deadly Metal throughout this album and the more I listen to it, it just continues to persuade me that “Chains Of Solitude” is one of the best albums 2015 has to offer. Nearing the ending…”Seedless” and “The Fire's Burning” end the album with an epic cliffhanger; honestly, I'm wanting more and you'd be foolish to pass this up. Masterful.

5 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Chains Of Solitude
3. My Agony
4. Only Darkness Is Real
5. Depravity
6. Psychopath
7. Alone
8. Heaven Turns Black
9. Hopeless
10. Seedless
11. The Fire's Burning
Guy Vercruysse - Vocals
Pepijn Desmet - Lead Guitar
Ruben Van der Beken - Rhythm Guitar
Floris Desmet - Bass
Jannick Govaert - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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