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Reject The Sickness – While Our World Dissolves

Reject The Sickness
While Our World Dissolves
by Thomas Kumke at 07 July 2021, 3:16 PM

REJECT THE SICKNESS hailing from Ghent, Belgium were formed in 2007. They are a melodic Death Metal band with melodic Metalcore and Thrash Metal influences. So far, they have released two EPs and “While Our World Dissolves” is the band’s third full-length release. It was recorded at Clean and Dirty Studio, mixed at Project Zero Studio, both located in Belgium, and it was mastered at Hertz Recording Studio in Poland. “While Our World Dissolves” was released via Italian label WormHoleDeath which is specialized in Death, Thrash, Black, and Gothic Metal. The album has a length of almost 45 minutes.

While Our World Dissolves” is predominantly a melodic Death Metal album. It contains everything, modern melodeath can offer: melodies combined with aggression and speed. The album starts strongly with “Disconnect” and “Disapproval Of The Weak”, both songs are fast and aggressive for most parts. “Disconnect” starts with a short and dark orchestral intro that transitions into an epic melody and powerful guitar riffs accompanied by lots of double-bass drumming. The growling vocals are around the medium end of the gutturals. The mid-tempo break includes more epic melodies and a lead guitar solo with some melancholic elements. “Disapproval Of The Weak” continues with the same fast rhythm and the drums drive the song forward. While the verse section has lots of aggression and speed, the mid-tempo chorus section contains the melodies and the lead guitars. “Disapproval Of The Weak” is clearly affected by melodic Metalcore vibes. The lead guitar solo near the end contributes excellent to the track and is great to listen to.

REJECT THE SICKNESS maintain the speed and the high aggression level in “We All Burn” which seamlessly continues with the combination of pummeling and melodic elements after an introductory atmospheric part that sets the scene for the chorus part. Jannick Govaert on the drums relentlessly hammers the drums while the guitar riffs are sharp and aggressive.

While Our World Dissolves” is not entirely a high-speed affair. There are a few songs that differ in pace and texture, for example “Burning Soil” and “The Furrow Of Our Soul”. “Burning Soil” has its very own dynamic and rhythm, mainly in mid-tempo. It starts with a one minute instrumental sequence, before it turns into a track with powerful and dark guitar riffs played at a head-banging rhythm. The lead-guitar sequences fit perfectly to the gloomy atmosphere. “The Furrow Of Our Soul” is also a mid-tempo track. The rhythm and guitar riffing of the verse as well as the break section is catchy and inspired by old school Thrash Metal while the chorus section is dominated by epic lead guitar melodies.

The last part of the album raises the tempo again. “Reveal The Darkness” is the official video release and the YouTube link is given below. “Reset” is one of the highlights on the album, and main contributor is again Jannick Govaert with his excellent drum play including outbursts of blast-beat attacks and tempo changes. The song is a perfect combination of aggressive Thrash Metal inspired parts and epic melodeath chorus sections.

REJECT THE SICKNESS deliver a very good melodic Death Metal album with Thrash Metal and Metalcore vibes. “While Our World Dissolves” has a good mix of aggression, speed, melody, and melancholy. The album is technically very comprehensive with Jannick Govaert on the drums being the stand-out performer. There might be room for improvement with the vocals where I missed a bit of variation although in general they fit to the sound very well. The album is well produced. “While Our World Dissolves” has a few highlights and melodic Death Metal fans should be excited to see REJECT THE SICKNESS performing the new songs live on stage.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Disconnect
2. Disapproval Of The Weak
3. We All Burn
4. Burning Soil
5. The Plague Of Life
6. The Furrow Of Our Soul
7. Reveal The Darkness
8. Reset
9. Pillars Of Hope
Guy – Vocals
Zoran van Bellegem – Guitars
Ruben ­ Guitars
Jannick Govaert – Drums
Jonas Mesiaen – Bass
Record Label: Wormholedeath Records


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Edited 06 July 2022

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