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Rejection – A New Age Of Insanity Award winner

A New Age Of Insanity
by Joseph Hausmann at 18 March 2020, 6:42 PM

What makes damn good Groove Metal and Metalcore? Heavy, meaty riffs coupled with brutal breakdowns is a good start. Paired with powerful screams and clean singing helps to round out that heavy blend. That is exactly what you get with "A New Age of Insanity" by REJECTION. This Metal powerhouse out of Corinth, Greece has come out swinging with their first album after their hiatus. This is the third album produced by the band and it seems like they are picking up where they left off by melting your face off!

The first track on the album is "E.R.M" and immediately hits you in the face with low-tuned heavy riffs. These riffs automatically set you up for an intense ride of brutality. During the chorus they use an echo effect on the clean singing which gives the track a subtle layer to add to the powerful instrumentals. The riffs flow in and out of each other giving the feeling of riding a chaotic wave cresting with high melodies before dropping you into heavy depths. "Wash It All Away" begins with discordant tones to give a sense of unease before returning us to the heavy, deep riffs that run prominently throughout the album. The instrumental outro for this song is ridiculous. It blasts in heavy and fast, carrying the track to the end.

The title track has very abrupt tone changes throughout the intro then explodes into powerful vocal screams. A riff is repeated through the track but they repeat it with different chords and tones so it feels fresh and new. The vocalist also goes down into some deep registers which really gives the track the added punch. The blending of ranges and tones gives the album more depth as well. This also gives the track a feeling of insanity. "Darkest Days" shows off the band's melody skills with the clean riffs played at the intro of the track. It then hits into more heavy riffs that are overlaid with a conversation sample. I like the fact that in this track they moved somewhat away from the heaviness to really show off their instrumental skills. "You Get What You Give" opens up with an eviscerating scream that immediately breaks into the chorus part of the track. More face melting riffs here. This is a song that you will catch yourself headbanging to when the breakdown hit. The track then builds with a rolling riff that has more layers added.

The intensity never lets up throughout the album as the final track "Piece of the Action" is absolutely savage. The vocalist hits more lows and the bass really shows off in this one because during the vocal work, the guitars take a backseat and that really opens up the bassline to be heard. The drummer on this track goes very heavy on the double kick pedals to drive the track and album home.

This album is great all the way through. There are a lot of heavy riffs that will keep you amped up throughout the entire album. The production level of "A New Age of Insanity" is done at a very high caliber which is very impressive for an independent band. That attention to the fine details really helps create a powerful album and they do this very well. REJECTION has produced an album that the metal community is going to sink their teeth into, in a good way!  I was very impressed with the instrumentals in this album as some of the riffs are some of the heaviest I have heard in a while. The fact that they are so clean and defined is also well done. So yeah, you should definitely check this one out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. E.R.M
2. Eye of Glass
3. Wash It All Away
4. A New Age of Insanity
5. Superiority Complex
6. Darkest Days
7. You Get What You Give
8. EOF
9. 2K3
10. Piece of the Action
Vlassis – Vocals
Nick_A – Guitars
John – Bass
Nontas – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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