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Released Anger - Virus (CD)

Released Anger
by Grigoris Chronis at 27 December 2009, 12:30 PM

Quite happy 'bout the deal inked between a major Metal label and Greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS, let's say it's a matter of time - in a fair world - fellow Athenian outlaws RELEASED ANGER shall score a relative success (if that's the point, anyway). Being in the Metal business for half a decade, the - now - violent trio serves an appetizer with the Virus 7 single and it's needless to say fans addicted to old-school Thrash Metal with speed and filth should eagerly anticipate a full-length attack anytime in the - near, we hope - future.
With 2005's Violent Instincts EP the band put themselves in the Metal map receiving rave reviews on Greek grounds; the main aim, though, is a worldwide assault - or such it should be, at least - hence 2007's Faces Of Fate debut CD steamrolled honest Thrash Metal equally honoring the European and American scene with hatred and it was a matter of time RELEASED ANGER's name would circulate among the underground around the globe, helped by the band's bombastic live appearances. Ready to deliver the goods with a (currently working on) follow-up full album, Virus is the real deal in the meantime. You've been warned, this is painstaking Metal music not for weak ears.
High in the ranking of currently esteemed or developing Thrash Metal outfits like e.g. MERCILESS DEATH, HATCHET, FUELED BY FIRE or WARBRINGER, it's a band like RELEASED ANGER setting things straight regarding Thrash Metal equilibrium. From one side it's the European legacy, with old KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM or EXHUMER holding the scepters, and from the other side it's the American class presented by EXODUS, WHIPLASH, grimy SLAYER or SACRED REICH bringing malignancy forth; the Greek band's music it's one of the finest examples of influence equilibrium matching personal identity, hence the 7 single's duo of new songs is as impressive as anything the band has come up with till now. Virus is a killing machine with a maniacal main riff and a tormenting mid-pace 'into the pit' bridge while Fake Existence bears a more rock 'n' rollin' instrumental vibe initially, instantaneously unfolding a sociological profile with blistering lyrics and a street-like attitude. The production in both cuts, needless to say, owes a lot to the classic Thrash Metal tactics…
…and that's the way it should be, to be honest. Bands like RELEASED ANGER are the mass weapon against the 'Thrash Metal decadence' criticism. Fully blown away by this newly released single, let's just hope that a new album is not far away and - most of all - this diligent band's name will spread across the globe sooner or later. More to be said then.

4 Star Rating

Fake Existence
D.Z. Anger - Vocals
Jim Harisis - Drums, Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocals
John Anagnostou - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Private Release


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