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Relevant Few - The Art of Today (CD)

Relevant Few
The Art of Today
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 06 April 2004, 2:59 AM

Mediocrity - the worst enemy of a review. I had a major headache through the listening session as I tried to find something special, elements that could make this release worth buying. Unfortunately my insatiable lust for grind remains partly unsatisfied.
Now that you know what these guys are up to, let's make a brief but blow-by-blow analysis of the presented album.
PLUS: Nice, clean production, performing ability and an undisputed knowledge around the musical field they play.
CONS: Repeatability, stagnancy and the influences make their presence GLARING from the beginning until the end of the album. They have outbursts at some points (ok I think Pig Destroyer is making a good job here…), and at the rest album they show elements of intellectualism, but the only thing they achieve is to be heard as Nasum's copies.
I don't want to be unfair, but I had many expectations from a band like Relevant Few which seems to have stick to their influences and is afraid of taking risks and making steps forward. I am absolutely sure that they can become part of the creme de la crop but its time for them to develop their great potential. Only for those who missed the basic albums of the genre or for the grind-holics who listen to Nasum even in the shitter…

3 Star Rating

Is There No Hope?
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Pressure's On
Lustrous Pattern
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Dull - Shit!
Choice of Contempt
What Lies Beneath
Doomsday Celebration
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Shiny Miserable People
Crowd Bites Wolves
Oral Mutual Thieves
110th Floor
Shop-Worn Veracity
Prey of Progress
Burst Out
Azsir - Ittna
Act of Ignorance
Henke Svensson - Vocals
Rob Hakemo - Bass / Vocals
Kristian Lampila - Guitar
Johan Nilsson - Guitar
Mojjo - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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