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Relic - Trust (CD)

by Ian Kaatz at 03 February 2008, 9:06 PM

RELIC struck me as being a band that I would listen to and am surprised I haven't heard of the band previously. They dress up in something along the lines medieval costumes and have swords etc. Each member is as different kind of warrior and has a little description on their website. Another thing that surprised me was that they describe themselves as a Prog Rock band, and normally whenever you get dragons and swords themes you get Power Metal; this only enticed me further.
There isn't much of a bio listed. I can gather from their MySpace page and website though they are from California, have released 3 albums, and the first album was released in 2003. It also looks like they tour pretty regularly just not far from California.
The first track from their Sonicbids EPK is entitled Mystic Eye and it is really solid track and a perfect opener. I hear a SHIT LOAD of Malmsteen in the guitar, which you just can't go wrong with. I am not sure what I think of the singer; the band lists RUSH as a main influence and I definitely hear it in the voice of Tieren, but there is something there that would bug people more than Geddy's voice would in a song like this. I am not saying his voice is bad by any means, but it definitely needs improvement or maybe better mastering of the whole track would do the trick. Chambers Of Earth is much darker than the previous track and sounds more like something off the most recent release from SYMPHONY X. I really like the instrumentation on this track. The bass line adds a lot to it, I believe, with the gentle thumping in the background adding to the atmosphere and speed of the song. It took me a second, but I figured out who the singer reminds me of and that is a combination of Lynn Allers from KATAGORY V and Midnight (formerly of CRIMSON GLORY). Midnight should have been obvious, but for some reason it didn't hit me right away, but the KATAGORY V reference just kind of hit me out of the blue.
The next track, Dragon's Fire, is my favorite out of the four that are on the EPK via Sonicbids. On this track the Midnight influence is particularly clear. The music though is something that really isn't from any other band that I have heard or at least can think of, though it is probably the simplest in composition at least to my ears. If they were to have a single this would be the track, in my opinion. Seruvium Fallen is an interesting song in its own right as well. The dual layered guitars are pretty good style as well as the solo at about 2:20, short though very sweet.  
RELIC definitely has a future in the Prog Metal world and I hear very little Prog Rock as they describe themselves. I think it will just be a matter of time before this guys get a really good recording and then BOOM they will explode. Though right now they are lacking something, and it is hard to put my finger on it other than the production. I think that if BAR Fest happens again in California that they would be the perfect openers.

3 Star Rating

Mystic Eye
Chambers Of Earth
Dragons Fire
Seruvium Fallen
Protect Us From Evil
Tieren Mystik Warrior - Lead Vocals
Synesius Dragon Warrior - Guitar, Foot Synth, Back-up Vocals
Grimmwood Storm Warrior - Bass, Vocals
Manacker Shadow Warrior - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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