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Rellik - Spiraling Infinite Chaos

Spiraling Infinite Chaos
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 18 April 2015, 8:54 PM

Before checking this one out, if you have the audio, think about the notion that there are things worth waiting to be put together, packed and sent. It is all about the right moment to create a kind of release that will shake your head off, not sooner nor later. Through my Metal journey, which is never ending, I came across this veteran band from the US named RELLIK. Funny thing is that they are almost ancient as their distorted name as being formed back in the 1987 while the US scene Thrashed itself up pretty darn good. Over the years plenty came and went on and off the lineup, leaving only Matt Dwyer as the last relic of the old days. Furthermore, no actual release was out in the streets till first years of the new millennium. Such a shame really after what I heard on this debut full length called “Spiraling Infinite Chaos”, via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. On the other hand, at least Dwyer has now something to show for, especially with the gifted friends he recruited for the band’s current lineup.

Similar to various of old school Death and Thrash Metal bands, which their main purpose in this business is to show the mean old face of Metal music, RELLIK are no different whatsoever. Pillaging and purging within “Spiraling Infinite Chaos” I experienced the gods of Death / Thrash right in the my face, howls of SLAYER, old DEICIDE, KREATOR, INCANTATION, DEATH, CELTIC FROST among the blasphemous fiends of the past. Fairley down and dirty, spitting on whatever is clean nowadays, “Spiraling Infinite Chaos” dismantles, chops the modern foundations and kicking the past right into the present along with fast pace Thrash beats and crunchy riffery, and surges of bloody blast beating Death meets Doom chants of mid to slow tempo chugs of darkened hallows. Ex-VICIOUS CIRCLE frontman, Darrell Rapp, showing true diverse growl and grunt vocal forms, almost assuming the Black Metal position. The newly recruit, ex-IMMOLATION / ex-INCANTATION skinner Craig Smilowski, devouring the set with explosive drumming, chopping up tightly and hard to the bone. As for the riffs of Steve McQuaid & Robert Piperno, I got my wholesome showcase of late 80’s Death / Thrash stinging, nail biting rhythm guitaring and screeching lead guitar solos that truly attributed to the hellish atmosphere of each of the tunes.

No doubt that to make it ugly, at times brutal, and right into the pits of the underworld, was this record’s moment of glory. There were downsides that turned some of the material to be a bit tiring with its overly grim nature, which actually served the band well but not for several points throughout the release. For example, I wanted more from songs like “Jigsawed”, which could have been a fantastic Death Metal brutal smasher,  and “Doomsgarden” that its potential is far out awesome. “Spiraling Infinite Chaos”, on the other hand, and “A Once Human Automaton”, with “Nothing but the Faith That Failed You” and “Black Lung Smoke”, sent me back to the old days of the genre, festering the brutal enchantments into the traditional Metal vibe, breeding it to be evil and damn straight enjoyable. This is a kind of revamp that is not technical, but also it won’t remind anything that is basic. Let’s just say a down to hell Death / Thrash Metal with a deep passion towards the classics, puncturing the very foundation of religion right in the guts. I urge you guys to check these guys out and give them the chance as actual relics of the past.

3 Star Rating

1. The Weeping Eyes of Christ
2. A Once Human Automaton
3. Doomsgarden
4. Nothing but the Faith That Failed You
5. Black Lung Smoke
6. Jigsawed
7. Spiraling Infinite Chaos
8. The Descent
Robert Piperno - Guitar
Steve McQuaid - Guitar
Matt Dwyer - Bass
Darrell Rapp - Vocals
Craig Smilowski - Drums
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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