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Remain - Where Evil Lies (CD)

Where Evil Lies
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 20 June 2008, 10:31 AM

Time really flies! It has been more than a year since REMAIN's debut release reached METAL TEMPLE where it made quite an impression (at least to me). I can still remember concluding the for Died A Hero review by stating that we would keep an eye on these guys for their next step. So, as true metalheads we kept our promise and here we have the privilege to present you REMAIN's second creation.
Where Evil Lies is the title of the second full length album from the five Canadians that was released on the 5th of April through Divirta Global Media Distribution.
The album opener, Known Unto God, kicks and grabs you by the throat as their debut album. The deep almost shouting growls and the cutting edge guitar riffs are the first things I noticed here. Actually, the very good guitar work dominates the album proving that these guys had been working pretty hard in the studio and on-stage. In this track the vocals remain over-distorted but fortunately hold a safer distance than before from the Metalcore scene. The drums open for Ready To Die that keeps a mid tempo with staccato Thrash guitars. Despite the mid tempo the song is full of energy and hatred (I think this is the suitable term) with compact rhythm section and dominating bass guitar sound. Last Stand and The Offering offer some quality headbanging time while the twin guitars reveal some Swedish Death Metal influences; this means distinct riff lines that also add a melodic finishing touch. Even though, the signs of progress are everywhere I still have to complain about the vocals; I mean do they really have to sound that distorted? Because, I think that the Death Metal vocals would work perfectly with this sound but of course it's a matter of personal taste and it is also their call.
The homonymous track is probably the best song of the album based on judgment. The SLAYER-esque feeling on the rhythm section (great drum pedaling), the catchy guitar based bridge/chorus lines and the Heavy Metal solo near the end are the main reasons for my choice. Path To Heaven and Endless Lies underline the Death Metal influences with slightly better sounding vocals while the Thrasher Transylvania Slaughter (excellent Metal title) closes REMAIN's second discographic attempt.
So, METAL TEMPLE was right with Died A Hero and did well on re-checking REMAIN; the guys from Canada really worked and improved their sound and composing potentials. The Thrash/Death Metal profile with minor Metalcore additions makes Where Evil Lies an excellent reason to get to know to this band. If only they did something with the vocals…
P.S.: The artwork is too dark making it impossible to read the band's logo.
Fifth Sun video clip

3 Star Rating

Known Unto God
Ready To Die
Last Stand
The Offering
Where Evil Lies
Path To Heaven
Endless Lies
Transylvania Slaughter
Blake Murphy - Bass
Jason Perissinotto - Guitar
Joe Harwood - Vocals
Steve Samson - Guitar
Judd Bronson Drums
Record Label: Divirta


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