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Remains In A View - Elegies Award winner

Remains In A View
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 25 November 2013, 6:43 PM

REMAINS IN A VIEW are a Hardcore / Metalcore band who show some promising talent. The five-piece hail from Sulmona, Italy, and formed in 2007, inspired by Metal acts such as AS I LAY DYING and AUGUST BURNS RED. Their 9-track album “Elegies” was released October 17th, and is the group’s first full-length album. Give it a listen; it’ll rock your socks off.

I personally find the guitar work to be the strongest feature of the album, but that’s not to say the other members don’t have something brilliant to offer. The opening track is less than a minute, and consists entirely of an eerie conversation. “The Void” is a segment from the 1984 film “The NeverEnding Story”, a conversation about hope and control, and a haunting way to begin the album. The following track “Shipwreck of Existence” shows off the aforementioned guitar talents of Pier and Luca, kicking off with some awesome riffs, and featuring breakdowns. The vocals of Dave and the successive track also emphasize the guitar – “So Far From the Truth” begins with one guitar playing a powerful breakdown riff, and before long it is joined by the speedy efforts of the other guitar. The drumming by Atomo is addictive throughout the album, as is Matia’s bass, and they keep the music in perfect time. “Crossing the Line” is aggressive, vocally and musically, yet also contains some nice melodic work. Track number 5 keeps the nice guitar work flowing. “As Moments Becomes Memories” has a funky rhythm you’re bound to remember.

“Sleepwalker Blues” takes things in another direction, being an entirely instrumental track. A mellow piece, it features again strong work on the guitarists’ part and repetitive drumming that accompanies the recurring melodies perfectly. The next track goes back to the band’s typical forte, emphasizing the guitar and the brutal vocals, not to mention the funky drumming and bass work. “Left Undone” is named rather inappropriately, because the group seem to have everything covered in this powerful track. Track 8 has riffs akin to the previous tracks on the album, but the similarity certainly doesn’t make things boring. “Travelers” is strong in all aspects, and one to take note of. The ending is particularly cool, as things appear to wind down, but there is a surge effect that brings the listener back to a breakdown. The band makes use of a similar technique with their final track, which kicks off with a screeching sound before the infamously awesome instruments come in for a final few minutes of glory. “The Deepest Black” ends the album as strongly as it began, the track winding down with powerful riffs and groovy bass.

REMAINS IN A VIEW are a new band to me, but I’m so stoked to have found them. Their guitars instantly caught my attention, and their addictive rhythms are going to ensure I keep this album on repeat for some time. Check “Elegies” out, you’ll be glad you did. 

4 Star Rating

1. The Void
2. Shipwreck of Existence
3. So Far From The Truth
4. Crossing The Line
5. As Moments Become Memories
6. Sleepwalker Blues
7. Left Undone
8. Travelers
9. The Deepest Black
Dave - Vocals
Pier - Guitar
Luca – Guitar / Vocals
Matia - Bass
Atomo - Drums
Record Label: Memorial Records


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