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Rend Them Asunder - Existence to Entrails

Rend Them Asunder
Existence to Entrails
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 September 2022, 1:50 PM

The lands of Scotland gave to the world acts as HOLOCAUST, HEAVY PETTIN’, NAZARETH (a Hard Rock act, in reality), ALESTORM and some others, but it seems sometimes that the Scottish Metal scene is somewhat ‘homey’, or in other words, closed on itself, or maybe is hard for a band to leave the lands of the country to reach other parts of the world. But it doesn’t mean that good names can’t arise there, and one very good is from the quartet REND THEM ASUNDER, of Glasgow, and that is releasing its first album, “Existence to Entrails”.

The quartet’s efforts is in a form of classic Death Metal that shows the influences that Thrash Metal gave to the genre back in the 80’s, and even touches of English Death Metal. It’s brutal, aggressive and full of a heavy impact, and besides things are still crude (what means that they still have to evolve a bit more to show the band’s full potential), it’s really very good in all aspects, unleashing a very good and primitive form of the genre, but with personality, and what energy flows from these songs! As an independent release, “Existence to Entrails” is full of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. The sonority is bitter, crude and aggressive in the way a Death Metal must be to reach the fans of the genre; but on other hand, the instrumental tunes could be better worked (especially on the guitars, because they seems ‘strangled’ sometimes). It’s good, but could be better.

Musically, fans of Death metal will have nothing to complain about the band’s music. And the best acts of musical violence to be introduced to their work are “Rigour Mortis” (where the brutality reigns supreme, with a very good set of hooks created by the guitars’ arrangements), “The Red Room” (a song with emphasis on a fast and brutal approach, with very good growls and snarls from the vocals), “Devoid of Decorum” (that bears some influences from Florida Death Metal, and what smashing work is unleashed by bass guitar and drums due the contrasts between fast and slow parts), “Existence to Entrails” (on this one, one will hear the Thrash Metal/HC hooks that Death Metal inherited, and very good extreme Metal hooks can be heard on it), “Vengeance Reaped” (this one is aggressive to the bones, and can cause pain in the ears of the unused due to the guitar riffs), and “Shrapnel Disembowlment”.

Of course, REND THEM ASUNDER is just beginning (as mentioned before, it’s their first album and their second release), and need to sharp their musical efforts in a better way. But Old School Death Metal fans will fall in love with “Existence to Entrails”.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Rigour Mortis
2. The Red Room
3. Blasphemy
4. Salvo
5. Devoid of Decorum
6. Existence to Entrails
7. Outnumbered, Encircled, Slaughtered
8. Vengeance Reaped
9. Corrupted Innocence
10. Shrapnel Disembowlment
Peter Martz - Vocals
Caine Butcher - Guitars
Rowan Petch - Bass
Angus Dumbreck - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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