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Repent - Vortex Of Violence

Vortex Of Violence
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 18 January 2013, 12:53 AM

I know very little about REPENT from Germany, but with an album named “Vortex Of Violence”, I thought that their human hellish howls were worth listening. They call themselves Thrash, but they are closer to Death / Thrash, or even borderline of Death Metal. The vocals are primarily harsh, and the music is brutal. I was reminded of LEGION OF THE DAMNDED, DEW-SCENTED, orHATESPHERE. Most of these acts do very little for me.

The album has some songs which contain musical fragments that remind me of DESPAIR, POLTERGEIST, or GRIP INC., but Jurgen “Eumel” Aumann's flummoxed growl just sullies the sound for me. The bitter wrath bite of Phillip Rath and his disciple of decline - Martin “Heusi” Heusinger - share some guitar dynamics as evidenced by “Vengeance” or “Suicidal Dreams”, but the drums seem strained, and it would appear that Maxi minimizes his pulse, and is hitting the snare too much, so that the flow is dissonant, and unnerving. I think he is trying to do the MESHUGGAH thing, but his system has failed.

The production is average too. High Roller Records have some killer Thrash bands signed to their label, but to me this is utter tripe, with very little staying power. I would much rather listen to the new album by THE PORRIDGEFACE called “Eyes On The Betrayer” which has that Classic Thrash sound bands like VENDETTA, DEATHROW, TANKARD, PARADOX created. I am amazed that this is German Metal, as it sound like the drivel America delivers, and what ignorant people lap up willingly. BARF!

Ask yourself, who are the puppets of destruction? I choose DESTRUCTION, SODOM, KREATOR, EXUMER, or NECRONOMICON, as these are tried and true thrash acts that have stood the test of time. By nature I am recusant, but I refuse to repent or repeal, and I will probably never play this again!

1 Star Rating

1. Vortex of Violence
2. Fragments of Despair
3. State of Fear
4. The System Has Failed
5. Howl
6. Vengeance
7. The Return of Dark Ages
8. Rat Race
9. Suicidal Dreams
10. Human Hell
11. World Supremacy
12. Puppets of Corruption
Jurgen “Eumel” Aumann – Vocals
Phillip Rath – Guitars
Martin “Heusi” Heusinger - Guitars
Lutz Lohmann – Bass, Backing Vocals
Maxi Zimmerl - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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