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Replicant - Malignant Reality Award winner

Malignant Reality
by Laura Glover at 17 September 2021, 6:46 AM

One quick Google search of New Jersey band, REPLICANT, produces a lot of very excited commentary on the release of their new album, “Malignant Reality”. REPLICANT is a Death Metal band, with touches of Hardcore and Deathcore, and quite the album this is to behold. Full of various sounds, from dystopian futuristic, melodic at times, with some filthy guitar riffs throughout. Each various part is masterfully blended to an art form of smooth proportions. REPLICANT was formed in 2014 in part by members of DYSTROPHY, and WINDFAERER. I, personally, like the band's own description of themselves; “A grinding and grooving aural consequence of the industrial primordial swamp.”. Many albums that I listen to, I really have to give it a go listening to it; and this album was no different. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first. However, the beat grew on me rather fast. Deep, dark, and brooding; yet fast paced and never lets you catch your breath.

Caverns of Insipid Reflection” - Huge props for song titles that hint of deeper meanings, poetic in name almost. Truly, the guitar stands out in this song. Riffs that are fast and filthy, as aforementioned. The heat from the album alone is enough to scald your ears. Raging vocals, etching intent into your soul. But God, that guitar!! “Relinquish the Self” - No soft intros here as we dive boldly into in-your-face sound. Death Metal vocals leaning heavily into that Deathcore overture that REPLICANT so heavily leans into; and truly I hear as much Deathcore in this song as I do Death Metal….almost more. “Death Curse” - Now this song varies just a little, and is more melodic, yet still dystopian and futuristic. This song plays as more instrumental, showcasing its artistic nature. Yet we are not left unscathed by the roughness those vocals impart. I would call it an assault on your ears, but a good one. This is an assault you will come back for more of.

Chassis of Deceit” - Both the guitars/bass, and drums are so well played in these tracks. Married perfectly to tortured vocals from hell. It takes a lot of talent to combine sounds and make it sound like a whole sound entirely of its own. Some bands try and just can’t mesh it right, this is not such a band. They have this sound nailed. “The Ubiquity of Time” - Oh God, I did not expect the melodic entry into this song, and let me tell you; I fell in love! It pulls at your heartstrings in ways you did not see coming. Yet does not disappoint with the sound I have come to expect from them throughout this album. However, this song is the most feeling song in “Malignant Reality”. This is a song you hear and FEEL. There is a certain, aching, longing quality to it that grips you and holds you tight.

I appreciate “Malignant Reality” as a whole and what the band, REPLICANT put into this artistically. This is an album that manages to never leave you bored, while satisfying your need for the hardness of Death Metal. There is a little something for everyone in here with its intermeshed sounds, dark vocals, and gloriously played instruments.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Caverns of Insipid Reflection
2. Relinquish the Self
3. Excess Womb
4. Death Curse
5. Coerced to Be
6. Rabid Failure
7. Chassis of Deceit
8. Dressed in Violence
9. Ektoskull
10. The Ubiquity of Time
Peter Lloyd – Guitars (Lead)
Mike Gonçalves - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
James Applegate – Drums
Record Label: Transcending Obscurity Records


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