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Replosion - The Resting Place Of Illusion

The Resting Place Of Illusion
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 August 2012, 10:32 AM

Sinking deep into a place where thoughts, wishes and dreams collide in a big bang. That centre point of attention can serve as the soul food and life resource for any type of concept meant to be expressed. "The Resting Place Of Illusion", released via Coroner Records, a new album from the Italian REPLOSION, seems to be looking into things far beyond the ordinary perceptions of everyday life and into worlds where the imagination is playing an integral part. There is nothing distinctive regarding their purpose lying within their songs, but it is probably connected to various kinds of metaphors. The band's music is highly connected to their train of thought. Progression is REPLOSION’s middle name and DREAM THEATER like material is their game. With highly talented musicians placed on their line-up, articulation is in full strength. Nonetheless, REPLOSION also has modern Power and Thrash Metal markings as support for their Progressive Manner and also act as the rather more accessible areas of the music, like cheese with a lot of holes. That same synergy between diverse complexity and less demanding examples, made this release a winning contender.

Apart from the obvious spiritual intro that was as always as a bridge to the eye of the storm, REPLOSION didn't waste any time and started their run with speed and tenacity. The on changing tempos and crafty riffing rapidly changed for additional flavour. However, there were times that it would have been great and better for the band to release the harness from their song structures into something a little more fluent. On the other hand, in most cases, "The Resting Place Of Illusion" is a deliverance of fine musical skill that contributed to the assorted passages and incredible verses while still serving definitive sections that almost anyone can admire. How can you not enjoy the playing of the band's sole guitarist, Gianmarco Galleto for instance? His Petrucci like guitar mastery is quite evident and the same is true for the rest of the band that is more or less following the same DREAM THEATER modern antics with awesome conviction. That same conviction and dedication led REPLOSION to come up with the fine self-titled hit of the album that chopped me off along with its fellow contender, "Push Me Down" that proved that it’s not even close to "Pull Me Under" so watch yourself with your future comments. "The Unknown God" and "The Fallen Gates" sounded to me, aside from their constructive music that lead them, like two vivid examples of leaps of faith looking straight into the inside of something greater and formidable. Though I enjoyed the former duo, those came through with quite a depth.

Generally, REPLOSION is more than just a talented band. Similar to the big time players of Progressive Metal, they make you think while enjoying the harmonies and extra heaviness. With elements from Thrash and Power REPLOSION didn't save anything for another time or place. I really hope that they would keep displaying the same level of finesse on their next releases. Go ahead and get this one of you are a true open minded person and don't mind being bruised from time to time.

4 Star Rating

1. Carillon
2. Resting Place Of Illusion
3. Your Shame
4. The Unknown God
5. Starless Night
6. Turn The Page
7. Push Me Down
8. The Fallen Gates
9. Ice Queen 
Fil Palmer- Vocals
Enrico Dolcetto- Bass
Gabriele Marangoni- Keyboards
Michele Galletto- Drums
Gianmarco Galletto- Guitar
Record Label: Dysfuction Productions


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