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Repossession - Reign Over Inferno (CD)

Reign Over Inferno
by Yiannis Doukas at 20 May 2008, 12:20 PM

Deep in the underground fields of the Polish land we fall across the debut recording of REPOSSESSION. The band was formed in July 2006 and this one's been 'born' in September 2007 in Digi-Art Studio in Konskie. Morbid and Wrath also play in the Black Metal horde ETHELYN but in this band you have to expect pure Death Metal.
So, what is inside this demo? The six tracks show us a band that knows what to play and looks that they know how to create the right mood for their ideas. Their personal view in Death Metal is not based in ultra speed and blast drumming but more into the producing of melodic parts that gravid a rot and sometimes very pleasant for head-banging moments.
The first riff of Let's Fuckin' Die shows the teeth of REPOSSESSION immediately, and you realize what will be next. A very good song, blessed with agitating structure, like all the songs inside, with a combination of being well-worked and enriched with plethora of riffing but - on the other hand - without being garrulous. They just want a specific attention and they will reward you. In this song, somewhere in the middle you will hear a blast part - one of the very few for this demo - with some guttural vocals. The next one is also good, starting with a nice solo with a riffing after 2' 30'', that is so deadly like Hades touching your bones wanting to follow him down in his dark and misty kingdom.
In all songs the music flows easily, the band looks that has a good knowledge of the Death Metal sound giving provision for inspiration. The musicianship is good and the voice of Raven fits perfectly.  Probably their 'hearings' are close to the Swedish side of the Death Metal moon and keep in mind that many of their melodic elements are close to AMON AMARTH's Viking feel, although a little bit transformed into something more deadly.
A good release from a band that must have an opportunity of releasing their songs in a more official form, If we have in mind the general global releasing in this style. On the other hand, I don't know if a capable number of underground hunters still exist in these days of plethora's official records, but if you belong in such a species - that is near of 'disappearing' - check them. Support underground. And by the way, talking about underground in Poland, there exists one of the best fanzines named Necroscope. Check it too.

3 Star Rating

Let's Fuckin' Die
Rain Over Inferno
Stray Soul
The Wings
Morbid - Drums
Cannibal - Guitar
Rakka - Guitar
Wrath - Bass
Raven - Vocals
Record Label: Self Released


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