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Repuked - Up From The Sewers

Up From The Sewers
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 19 August 2013, 4:20 PM

As you’ve probably noticed, or will soon notice when you look at the track names and the nicknames of the band members, Swedish REPUKED are rather quirky. I was anticipating their music to be in a similar vein, and expected bagpipes, cowbells and other bizarre devices. So I was pleasantly surprised that their latest release “Up From The Sewers” was a Technical Metal creation. Although they claim to produce “perverted Death Metal”, their music is pure it terms of its technicality.

The opening and title track “Up From The Sewers” is awesomely haunting. There’s a long introduction, with classical elements relatable to Sci-Fi movie themes. After a minute or so the guitar and drums come in, and the track goes from sinister to heavy. The vocals soon follow, and make use of an echo effect which complements the whole concerto nicely. As you enter the “Filthdome” you’ll undoubtedly notice the reverberating guitar solos and relentlessly fast drumming. The third track, “Fuck You, Fucking Whore” is rather akin to the band’s intended reputation. It opens with an eerie female voice, and the lyrics are as hateful as the name suggests. The vocals of Rob “The Slob” are consistently brutal, but they really stand out in all their glorious growly malevolence in “Nightsoil Drunks”. As terrifying as a “Hobo Holocaust” sounds, the track is even more dreaded. In a good way, of course. I attempted to look up the lyrics for “Toilet Odors” on Google out of sheer curiosity, but mainly what came up was to do with cleaning products that remove odours. REPUKED would probably find that rather insulting. “Day of Depravity” again showcases the synths Sci-Fi effect used in the beginning of the album, this time progressing for the entirety of the song. Got the fright of my life when “Cuntroast” started playing, but I guess I should have expected a growly beast to introduce a song with a name like that. The guitar is awesomely technical and the drumming as strong as ever, and the vocals seek to enforce the band’s creepy persona through an echoing effect. “Stinkhole” smells of screaming solos, with a hint of rumbly bass. The opening riffs of “Winter Puke Disease” are super catchy, and you’ll most likely find yourself headbanging to the rest of the song. The final track of the album brings back the scary, with a choir of creepy overlapping voices in the introduction of “Porcelain Deathgod”. They can be heard howling in the background when the band comes in, complementing the catchy riffs and vicious growls nicely, and make a comeback at the end of the song.

This eerie and somewhat perverted creation is perfect for those disturbed moods, and for blasting out your window on cold winter nights to freak out passers-by. REPUKED manage to let loose their eccentric personalities, whilst still adhering to the conventions of Technical Death Metal. Creepy is the new heavy. 

4 Star Rating

1. Up From The Sewers
2. Enter Filthdome
3. Fuck You, Fucking Whore
4. Nightsoil Drunks
5. Hobo Holocaust
6. Toilet Odors
7. Day of Depravity
8. Cuntroast
9. Stinkhole
10. Winter Puke Disease
11. Porcelain Deathgod
Rob “The Slob” – Vocals / Bass
Nick “Piss” – Guitar /  Vocals
Richard “Rimjob” – Guitar/ Vocals
“Mad” Masx – Drums
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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