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Repulsive Aggression - Conflagration

Repulsive Aggression
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 December 2012, 5:18 PM

Another blow to mankind’s self-destruction, an additional flavour to the deathly stew waiting to be plunged upon us one day, and I am not counting the Maya or Nostradameus prophecies. Doom will come if none of which is known will be corrected. There have been plenty of warnings, stop signs, cries smeared with anguish about the current state of affair but as you probably know, if the danger is far away, it should bother. I totally disagree with that perception as there shouldn’t be a threat, no imminent danger at hand. Why not look into the horizon in peace? Some would claim where is the action in all this? Yet the logical ones would prefer armistice and quiet for chaos and desperation. I hope that I understood correctly the main ideas that went on the debut album, “Conflagration”, via Schwarzdorn Production,of the Norwegian Death / Thrash act named REPLUSIVE AGGRESSION. Whether I got the point or not, I think I was pretty close. Anyhow, the rather newly endeavour of SVARTTJERN / BLOODSPAWN / FRAIL GROUNDS members seemed to have paid off with this here release following the blood soaked road filled with elements of the local Blackish extreme Metal scene, boasting with hefty drips of modern Death and insolent Thrash.

With a cumbersome production that didn’t leave any room for speculations, REPLUSIVE AGGRESSION charged with everything they had for this one. Heading down the road that made me imagine MACHINE HEAD, SLAYER, DEW-SCENTED, THE CROWN, CALLENISH CIRCLE drenched in a bloody pit that will leave no one alive as witness, straightforwardness was the key, strike hard with no sympathy for the weak. Guitars rolling with fast picking riffs along with low tuned grooves and palm muted chunks, bass following the rhythms with no impact at all, drums thumping endlessly, running on fuels of the Thrashier nature, in fierce decisiveness and an angered vocalic manifestation of mid to low end growls urging for the so needed reclamation. However, I have to admit that I was somewhat upset about the opening “Necrosis” as it was too obvious, not contributing anything to the rest of the tracks, like an average downer. The following “Plaguebringer”, and later on, “Leave Me To Rot” were the shake things up with slightly more diverse rhythms, an opening riffing that recalled some of late 90s Black Metal offerings with a tangy atmosphere, and even a fine solo to build something upon. Still it didn’t meet the band’s full potential; I had to wait a few more tracks before getting to something closer. “Predator”, provoking with a melodic intro that hint that a storm is coming to engulf the empty mined, chopped fast, with great riffing and a swell lead fretwork in such a manner that resembled DEW-SCENTED, one of my greatest preferences in Death / Thrash. REPLUSIVE AGGRESSION needed to deplete some of the gathered energies, and it was done here. “Reborn Through Annihilation” sent the band back in the slow to mid tempo vehemence, sinking their teeth hard into the flesh of the wicked with a heavy chunk of Metallic tines of destructive riffing. Nonetheless, speed was never a matter of letting go and the rapid onslaught showed its face once again but for a rather shorter period. I really enjoyed the finishing touch of the lead guitar and drum work ready to invite the conclusion of the track.

All in all, REPLUSIVE AGGRESSION, with their experience and over novice abilities, their newly creation didn’t make any sort of difference. “Conflagration” is a good album and a solid opening for hopefully something greater. In short, this is a heavy piece of Metal, diverse in a few ways, nicely produced, aiming to capture extreme Metal fans along with a few Thrashers along the way.   

3 Star Rating

1. Necrosis
2. Plaguebringer
3. Breaking Wheel
4. Subhuman Destruction
5. Predator
6. Repulsive Aggression
7. Reborn Through Annihilation
8. Leave Me To Rot
9. Spawn
10. Conflagration 
Saether– Guitars / Bass
Holter– Vocals
Nodest- Drums

Guest Artists:
Erik Unsgaard- Vocals
Record Label: Schwarzdorn Production


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