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Repulsive Dissection - Church Of The Five Precious Wounds

Repulsive Dissection
Church Of The Five Precious Wounds
by Garrett Davis at 02 August 2016, 5:34 PM

"Church of the Five Precious Wounds" has a highly religious theme that permeates not just the lyrics, but even in the song titles. Well, to be fair, it is more of an anti-religious or at least blasphemous theme. Which is par for the course in this genre! What isn't typical is the way these guys rip through their songs with that same intensity. The opener "Baptism" starts off with a quiet man calling for a new member of the congregation to repent. This quickly implodes into a roaring gutteral voice, like that of a demon growling from the deepest pits. "Confirmation" leaps in with more of the same; with the lyrics eviscerating religion and the faith of adherents with calculated efficiency whilst matching the instrumental work.

"Ordination" picks up the quiet speech again, this time tearing into religion by comparing it to a fairytale. The musical portion of the track is fierce and harsh in just the ways you want it, with growls and hardcore vocals. "Zealot" has got to be my favourite track for the insane pacing and ferocity it brings to the table, as well as the guitar work in the background. In an album like this, drums can often be over-powering, yet that doesn't happen here. "Heretic" displays some amusing irony by starting off with people singing a religious hymn, before a preacher states that they are all going to commit suicide to prove their faith. The rest of the track is the same breakneck speed and demonic utterances that you have come to expect, but that makes it no less fierce.

While the lyrics may not be the easiest to comprehend due to the musical style, upon checking them, they are actually well-written and quite eloquent; if not unkind towards religious people or groups. If this all sounds like something you’re into, then definitely give REPULSIVE DISSECTION a listen, they won't disappoint.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. Baptism (Nurtured in the Void)
  2. Confirmation (Future of an Illusion)
  3. Apologist (Of Theodicy and Denial)
  4. Ordination (Monuments of the Deceived)
  5. Missionary (Proselytic Strangulation)
  6. Zealot (Power in the Blood)
  7. Heretic (Schism and Perversion)
  8. Apostasy (Ideological Dysphagia)
Yura Kowalchuk - Guitar
Dave Billia - Drums
Viktor Prokofjevs -Bass
Tom Bradfield - Vocals
Record Label: Sevared Records


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