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RES - Strife Of Permanence

Strife Of Permanence
by Craig Rider at 05 August 2021, 3:27 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: RES; signed via American Dreams Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Drone/Doom with this conceptual sound, on the new Studio Album entitled: “Strife Of Permanence” (released May 21st, 2021).

Since the beginning of the 1st recording in 2018; this new formation in Drone/Doom fusion mixes a conceptual sound (hardly) that merges a deafeningly designed formula on some maddening musical viserality that ranges from around 41:61, RES arranges this bleeding bastardization that will drill into your soul madly which surrounds you with piercing shrieks of drony guitar driven abomination (that literally anyone can do.).

Opening up with this shroud of static, resonating with spacious noise haunts eardrums with this perplexed  manifestation of doomy droniness. "II" executes a foreboding element in mystifying snares that rift with screeching tones of uproarious racket, plain & simple, right off the bat I hope there's more to this than the soundscape of nothing but electric and rattling reverb… What the hell? 7 minutes of nothing but extremely dark ambience and atmosphere, no vocals, drums nor even hybrid experimentation - just this mind-bending barrage in loud contortion which will make you question this artist's doing or continue to smother yourself in this uninspiring malformation so far.. I relish raw tonality, only there is absolutely no rhythm here… nor progressive technicalities!

Consisting of Robert Stokowy who performs on everything, as in blistering guitar frets and just unlistenable mayhem & not much else… a disjointed calamity where the mountainous disorder distinctively trembles with some swerve on fretful hooks however very miniscule… "I" does the bare minimum of "strife" in performance, there's very little dynamics or dexterity, nor organic substance… nor rapidly swift firepower, impact or groovy injections to salubriously  stomp with that will at least mesmerise you… just this towering synthesis on nauseating profanity which strikes me as incredibly bizarre if you're looking for a deadly heft in intensely atmospheric Doom at least - where that sub-genre at least has a fair bit of musical quality.

A part of me really knew what would be unleashed with "III" yep, more hellish fuzziness and not much else on the table… This is beyond weird, 21 minutes of this is enough to drive anyone bored! I'm usually very positive when it comes to metal music in general and this may well be my first 1/10 but this is just uncanny to think that anyone could enjoy this! Perhaps my most critical review yet, but it has to be said, I'd hate for someone to come across this concoction… as the perfectionist I am, I am unimpressed to the fullest extent. Sorry, Robert but what were you thinking? Stay well away, it's laughably awful.

The record ends hilariously with 2 women addressing a terrific performance, more like - terrifyingly bad.

I can't believe I actually listened to this in full… I question my own sanity sometimes! Blimey, avoid at all costs.

Songwriting: 1
Musicianship: 1
Memorability: 1
Production: 1

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1. I
2. II
3. III
Robert Stokowy - Everything
Record Label: American Dreams Records


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