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Resilience - Lo Que El Fuego Se Llevo

Lo Que El Fuego Se Llevo
by Paulomaniaco at 11 November 2014, 10:05 PM

RESILIENCE is a Heavy Power Metal band from Chile, date of formation is unknown but right now they have released a brand new album entitled "Lo Que El Fuego  Se Llevo". Fans of ANGRA, SONATA ARCTICA will enjoy this album for sure, as it sounds fresh, has great melodies and chorus and great speed as well. I don't know lots of Power Metal bands from Chile, most stuff I have come acrosswith from Chile goes more to the Death or Thrash Metal style, so it's good to know that they produce good Power Metal bands too. The CD kicks off with "Libertad En Mi Piel", a fast song with great riffs, lots of guitar work and nice keyboarding; the vocals are very good indeed and sang in Spanish which makes it even more interesting. "Los Ultimos Versos" is a more slower approach and takes place now and the vocals changes as well, not bad indeed, lots of melodies and cool solos. Next is "La Puerta Interior", my favourite song; a mix of SONATA ARCTICA and SORTILEGE. Here the vocals stand out yet again, actually five different vocalists sang on this CD and I think they should stick with the first and second singer. On "Con Cada Atardecer", they went for a female vocal and I think that was a bad move; a pretty boring and depressing song, kills off the good vibes from its predecessor tracks; nevermind that because "Despertar" awakes the beast again and thats more like good Power Metal doing its job. "Mi Nueva Voz" and "La Fe De Los Caidos" deliver good riffs and extremely good vocals and great instrumental work all over, whereas "Lo El Fuego Se Llevo" and "Algo  En Que Creer" fails yet again, the vocals just don't belong in this CD; it feels like you are listening to a completely different band, it is really a pity. The production is very good and the art cover is very good too. Overall, "Resilience" is a very good album and I think they have a bright future ahead of them; my advice is, stick with the best singers and success will be imminent!! And for sure my vote will be higher as well.

3 Star Rating

1. Libertad En Mi Piel
2. Los Ultimos Versos
3. La Puerta Interior
4. Con cada Atardecer
5. Despertar
6. Mi Nueva Voz
7. Lo Que El Fuego Se Llevo
8. La Fe De Los Caidos
9. Algo En Que Creer
Marcelo Oyanadel - Bass, Keys
Cristian Gonzalez - Drums
Ricado Martinez - Lead Guitars
Eric Galdyanz Vocals
Nasson - Vocals
Pamela Vargas - Female Vocals
Bruno Lavin - Vocals
Ricardo Lauria - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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