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Resin - The Cycle Of Need

The Cycle Of Need
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 27 July 2018, 8:27 AM

"The Cycle of Need" is the second album from Leicestershire’s RESIN. For those who like to categorize music, I’d say they are a mix or hybrid of early nineties Seattle rock scene and good Hard Rock. Right after the "Persecution Complex" EP was released in 2015, they are back and stronger than ever. It all starts with an intro with violin, a new addition to their sound, which is really pleasing to hear. Dave Gandon’s vocals are emotionally charged and he knows how to be mean or more gentle at the right times. "Never Learn" sounds a lot like STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, while having it’s own personality and soul. The production is quite good, it sounds as it should be : BIG. The violin is very interesting and it’s original for that kind of music. This is pretty intense and emotionally driven Rock. I really love it! "Monster" uses some nifty drumming skills: fast paced and creative. The leader of this song is the drum section. The riffs are grooving a lot, interacting with the violin, and adding more drama and feel. All is well balanced, strong song.

The third track "Shitstorm" uses Emma Bennett’s instrument like a charm and I get more used to hearing this particular mix. "Clouds" reminds me of MY DYING BRIDE’s Like Gods of the Sun,  while they use violin thorough the entire album .They did a serious  gamble trying this, but it is worth it, it’s a big win for me. The song is more introverted, using multiple variations and progressions making it an original and inventive song. "Angel" is slower,and smoother, dealing with sadness. Again, Dave Gandon’s vocals fits perfectly. This is the kind of power ballad I like. There is a big CREED feeling i can hear. "Burn" is more aggressive and tense in the first minute using screams and powerful riffs. Then all calms down, and we get invited to some TOOL-ish influenced moments that warps us completely somewhere else, and that’s pretty good! They…. nailed….it .

"Poison" is a violin based song and they use it to show a more folk-ish traditional rendering, displaying  another side of what RESIN can do. I like this experimentation. "Open Heart Trauma" is energetic, and has  incredible vocal harmonies and choruses. The guitar and drums reminds me of some SYSTEM OF A DOWN while the singing is quite similar to Eddie Vedder. "Blood of Angels" is the last song and also a bonus track. The vocals are major reverb induced and shares the place with the violin for a beautiful and emotive song.  Sad that the production is a little less polished though. They should remake that song in the future with better mastering  because it’s good. RESIN are not reinventing anything but i can say  they are revisiting known places with suchs great musical elements. They are extremely talented and creative, and they should keep that violin in the future! It was such an amazing surprise for me! I wish them the best because they deserve it. This album had a wild effect on me so thank you guys!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Never Learn
2. Monster
3. Shitstorm
4. Clouds
5. Angel
6. Burn
7. Poison
8. Open Heart Trauma
9. Blood of Angels
Dave Gandon - Vocals/Guitar
Mark ‘Chez’ Roseby - Guitar/Vocals
Simon Yarwood - Guitar
Drask George - Bass/Vocals
Ryan ‘Sticks’ Hextall - Drums/Percussion
Emma Bennett - Violin
Record Label: Independent


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