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Resist The Ocean - Heart Of The Oak

Resist The Ocean
Heart Of The Oak
by Sooraj Ram at 07 August 2017, 4:36 PM

RESIST THE OCEAN are an up and coming Melodic Metalcore act formed in 2012. Their music is an amalgamation of Pop-Punk, Metalcore and a tinge of Hardcore essence. Since 2012 RESIST THE OCEAN have released an EP and a full-length album, both of them written in a different method when compared to Modern Melodic Metalcore. Acquiring musical influence from acts like AS I LAY DYING, ALL THAT REMAINS and TRIVIUM, the band plays a style where the songs are not overdone and simplified down to synth notes and chuggy breakdowns; instead utilising a Melodic character by playing harmonic solos and catchy hooks. Their Debut full-length album entitled “Heart of the Oak” was released in 2017 and flaunts 10 tracks, each one of them exploring the talent and musicianship of the band.

The album kicks off with a stellar intro named “Oceanlung”, which keeps the listeners hooked until the song expires after 3 minutes. Huge influences from OG Metalcore Acts are present as the band opposes to integrate ‘clean vocals’ and instead use ‘spoken word’ in order to facilitate the transitions. This approach is evident in the title track “Heart Of The Oak” as the vocalist switches his sound from ‘false chord screaming’ to ‘spoken words’ without using ‘clean vocals’; Some of the songs do feature some Death Metal growls, but it is his screaming that truly captivates me.

Speaking of Death Metal, the track that follows “Heart of the Oak”, “Ambers” is done in such a way that the instrumentation screams Melodic Death Metal; however, this is not surprising considering that Melodic Metalcore itself is a blend of Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore. The important aspect of their sound is that one gets immense melody as well shear aggression at the same time; and, in my opinion, it’s not that easy to find a band that executes this properly. The double guitar attacks are very much soothing and energetic whereas the drummer provides the necessary adrenaline by increasing the pace and power of the songs.

Black Rust” is what defines this album as a whole. This song is arguably the best and most technical one. With intense vocal works intertwined with eccentric Guitar riffage and thunderous drumming this song might be catchy enough to play a dozen of times repeatedly.

It seems like RESIST THE OCEAN have indeed succeeded in making Metalcore without the stereotypical elements. Their tracklist reflects their confidence and creativity as none of the songs appear generic and repetitive, except for some being unoriginal. In the end, it is evident that RESIST THE OCEAN cannot be stopped as they deliver a powerful album that might end up being an album that will be remembered forever throughout the band’s career. Their hard work paid off as “Heart of the Oak” is a magnificent piece of work for a band that has been doing Metalcore for 5 years. However, I do expect some more original and technical tracks in the future, as some songs lack complexity and memorability, but I will nonetheless be blasting some of the tracks repeatedly so as to entertain myself until their new album drops.
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Oceanlung
2. Long Road Home
3. Cauterize
4. Heart Of The Oak
5. Ambers
6. Handcarved Coffins
7. Dreamwalker
8. Black Rust
9. The Last Of Our Kind
10. Gilded Cage
Jochen - Vocals
Konsti - Guitar
Kevin - Guitar
Art - Bass
Adrian - Drums
Record Label: Bleeding Nose Records


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