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Resistance - Metal Machine

Metal Machine
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 July 2017, 11:28 PM

The grandeur of the old school US Metal scene might be a distant memory, at least for the earlier generation that experienced those golden years. Even so, there are still remnants roaming around, some forming new bands, abiding by the same code that made them tick in the past. My current victim under the blade is the Californian Power Metal band, RESISTANCE. Emerged back in the beginning of the new millennium, a memento of short lived bands from the late 80s that made it clear that something bigger is destined to come. After a studio hiatus of nine years, the band returned with an EP two years ago, and there they are, wiser and with the experience to bring back the past to kick your ass. Newly signed to the Greek No Remorse Records, “Metal Machine” was released to greet and commemorate the fist of steel that large quantity of American bands forgot how to use.

Essentially, RESISTANCE has been revamping the old term used in the US Metal scene for the heavy music, Power Metal, which is fairly different from the European version. Through the sonic eight track album, including the SCORPIONS cover for the old early 80s hit, “Blackout”, echoes and memories of the famed METAL CHURCH, of the first Mike Howe era / LIEGE LORD / HELSTAR / MALICE, were reshaped into a new image with a well-produced modern sound and the right attitude. I didn’t expect innovation, and I am glad that there were none, just pure energies, passion and the will to wake up the giant. With their definitive heavy punchy riffs, a sort of mixture between traditional Metal to Bay Area Thrash, a share of nostalgic British Metal twin guitar harmonies and leads, guitar solos and the cross between mid to fast tempo fury, RESISTANCE did justice for the old school regime that took on the American scene by storm decades ago. I actually impressed by the vocals of Robbie Hett, even if it took me 2-3 songs. The guy has been with the band since day one, displaying a voice pattern that is closer to Mike Howe with a tiny bit of Blackie Lawless.

As the songwriting goes, similar to the vast majority of old school driven albums, it appeared to be quite common, a straightforward approach with a means to create hymns and ear grabbers. “Some Gave All” was the first on the scene, one of the better 80s Heavy Metal anthems, a rolling thunder force ready to explode. “Dirty Side Down” takes RESISTANCE to the heydays of early MOTLEY CRUE and the mid-80s legacy of MALICE, a fine expansion of their style towards crunchy Hard Rock, melodic number with a tasty main riff. “Heroes” displayed the band’s utmost effort, energetic chorus that elevated the song greatly and of course the splendid melodies that never seemed to tire. Finally, the band’s perception of SCORPIONS’s “Blackout”. Honestly, the band respected the German icons without changing that much, but still showed great ability to perform the song bit by bit, preserving the sparkles within its core. Also recommended: “Metal Machine”, “Hail To The Horns” and “Rise To Defend”.

Shame on me for not hearing about these guys sooner, no doubt I need to trace back their steps to their Lion Music period, and if you are the same as me, maybe you should too. “Metal Machine” is what it is, pure Metal.

Purchase Link: No Remorse Records

4 Star Rating

1. The Metal Machine
2. Hail To The Horns
3. Rise And Defend
4. Some Gave All
5. Time Machine
6. Dirty Side Down
7. Heroes
8. Blackout (Scorpions Cover)
Robbie Hett - Lead Vocals
Dan Luna - Guitar / Vocals
Burke Morris - Guitar
Paul Shigo - Bass
Matt Ohnemus - Drums
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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