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Resonance - Out of the Silence

Out of the Silence
by Ashley O'Brien at 15 January 2020, 8:01 AM

RESONANCE released their first full length album, entitled “Out of the Silence” in January 2020- and it has a lot going on. The Metalcore band from Finland intersperses haunting melodic intros, choruses and hooks, with heavy drums, tech-heavy rock and deep, devastating growls. During those intense moments within every song, the music comes together to create bold, brilliant beats, sometimes creating a chaotic banging that adds excitement and ferocity to the songs.

Esa Salminen brings both clean and unclean vocals to several songs on the album’s tracks, showcasing an incredible vocal talent. In fact, he frequently plays with the unclean vocals, starting low and deep and building. But his clean vocals carry the songs, as he sings with an eerie, forceful, and often melancholy tone. In the opening track, “Shattered Inside,” the narrator uses that powerful voice to describe the heartbreak of missing out on one’s dreams. It opens with high pitched guitar notes and complex drum beats, setting the stage for a fast paced rock song.

“The One” starts slow and pretty with carefully placed guitar notes. Then a decent beat and Salminen’s soft voice carry listeners until the music finally breaks with a rocking guitar and soulful woman’s voice.   Sara Strommer is featured as another vocalist on the song, where she matches Salminem’s haunting presence. Her voice is simply gorgeous. Besides her amazing voice, she also growls through lyrics, which adds a surprising dimension to the song.

The last song on the track, “Final Exit,” is ballad-like, with a long, drawn-out chorus line, “This is my final exit,” that’s impossible not to sing along too. Then suddenly, reminiscent of Ghost’s Dance Macabre, a saxophone solo takes over the song amidst heavy drums. “Out of the Silence” is released through Inverse Records. While it has deep growling vocals and thick, heavy drums, the music is much different, beautiful, sometimes sweet. The album manages to capture high energy rampage, and soothing, dulcet tones- and somehow makes it seem like they belong together.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Shattered Inside
2. Drained
3. Another World
4. The One
5. Faded Memory
6. Wasteland
7. Out of the Silence
8. Lie
9. Final Exit
Vocals - Esa Salminen
Guitar - Petteri Peltomäki
Bass - David Forder
Drums - Joni Huovila
Record Label: Inverse Records


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