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Respublica Mars – Музыка Подвалов

Respublica Mars
Музыка Подвалов
by SamiiMittelstaedt at 04 November 2015, 5:19 PM

It’s hard for me to know something about the Russian culture, especially in Heavy Metal. The only band I know who is Russian and plays Heavy Metal and it’s accessible to the others countries is the Folk Metal band ARKONA. There are some Russian famous artists in several styles like the Human Barbie or the singers called T.A.T.U. that made much success in 2000’s shocking the world showing the lesbian kiss between them as if this could be considered something abnormal. And I’m her listening by Bandcamp the sixth album by the Russian band called RESPUBLICA MARS nominated simply “Музыка Подвалов” or “Music Cellars” like Google Translator helped me to translate.

The band is formed by DAG, with his pleasant voice, not too high or too low. Fuzzone, the guitar player is simply the highlight in the line-up. His guitars are brilliant, and their riffs are excellent and make you pay attention to listen him playing. It helped me forget trying to understand the lyrics –as all the songs are in Russian. The bassist, Phil along with Ig, the drummer, makes the basic in their instrument, because the band’s style doesn’t ask to be virtuous or so. Their style is a modern Rock n’ Roll with some influences in Hard Rock and Pop with lyrics in Russian.

It’s hard for us, because here not usual to find something in Russian, and their following is more from countries who use the Russian language as their first or sometimes second language (like the old Iron Curtain’s countries and stakeholders by the Russian language).

Well, I really don’t like the song because the Russian language isn’t harmonious with certain musical styles and the songs are boring for me, I must confess I skip many songs because it’s hard to endure for me. I could highlight for you, listener, the tracks “Художник”, “Брюс Уиллис”, “Теряю тебя” and “Русалка” and they use Russian folk instruments in there. It would be interesting to introduce the Russian language to someone recommend this band, but for me doesn’t add nothing in special. It’s a band like the others who plays a Pop Rock with hard Rock influences like millions in the world.

The difference is RESPUBLICA MARS the lyrics in Russian and that’s all. They’re doesn’t have nothing to add in your musical experience.

2 Star Rating

1. Художник
2. Небылицы
3. Брюс Уиллис
4. Теряю тебя
5. Побег
6. Эпоха
7. Ночь
8. Небо-лето
9. Русалка
10. Крейзи
11. Красная осень
12. Кода
DAG – Vocals
Fuzzzone – Guitars
Phil – Bass
Ig – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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