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Restless Spirit – Blood of the Old Gods

Restless Spirit
Blood of the Old Gods
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 28 December 2021, 8:15 AM

From their EPK, “RESTLESS SPIRIT has been carving a path of their own in the underground metal scene, creating a sound that is both unique yet familiar. While paying homage to stalwarts of the genre BLACK SABBATH and more recent juggernauts THE SWORD, there is no shortage of crushing riffs and indelible hooks to be found. Though they fit right in with the doom and stoner rock scene, the band trades a strict diet of fuzz for a more varied, melodic approach. The album contains seven tracks.

“The Betrayer” leads off the album. It opens with melancholy clean guitars and a bit of a somber feeling. Distorted rhythms come into the background in support. “Judgement and Exile” begins with a fast-moving, heavy riff that harkens back to the older days. The vocals remind me of FIREBALL MINISTRY. A few moments of melody mix in, but this sound is all about the might and power of the vocals, riffs, and drums. Just after the half-way mark, the song picks up in pacing and finishes strong. “Crooked Timber of Humanity” opens with a slow, lumbering pace and a weighted riff. Though the mood is somber, those lead guitar elements are quite pleasing.

“The Reclaimer” is a very short song designed to throw some mood into the mix. It’s a dark and ominous offering. “Cascade Immolator” opens with a very heavy and slow sound, with some great rhythmic riff work. The riffing stays within this realm for much of the track, and the songs are beginning to blur a bit. The title track brings more of the same to the table. Though the riffing is tough and the vocals harsh, it doesn’t bring anything original to the table. The ending clean guitar notes however are quite dreamy, and I like the shift. “Haunted” closes the album. Unfortunately, it brings another familiar sound along with it. Though the song features some nice melancholic elements, it is all too similar to the thousands of bands who preceded them.

Overall, I would say this album is more familiar than unique. When a band chooses to replicate the “old school” sounds of yesteryear, they must stay within the confines of said sound. What results more often than not is a repeat of sound from bands gone by, and I will never understand why a band would want to repeat these sounds. Break out and create your own path, rater than resting on what was done before you.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. The Betrayer
2. Judgement and Exile
3. Crooked Timber of Humanity
4. The Reclaimer
5. Cascade Immolator
6. Blood of the Old Gods
7. Haunted
Paul Aloisio – Guitar and Vocals
Jon Gusman – Drums
Marc Morello – Bass
Record Label: Lifesblood Records


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