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Restless Spirits - Restless Spirits

Restless Spirits
Restless Spirits
by Louise Brown at 16 July 2019, 4:12 PM

RESTLESS SPIRITS is the side project of guitarist Tony Hernando, who is a member of the band LORDS OF BLACK. RESTLESS SPIRITS features the guitarist along with several guest vocalists as they perform the type of Hard Rock than many of us grew up with during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The album begins with "Stop Livin' To Live Online".  It has piano-based intro that blends with some fairly standard Hard Rock guitar riffs. The vocals on the song are pretty good; they're balanced and have a decent pitch. The backing music isn't bad, either. I outrgrew most of the Hard Rock genre many years ago, but I really don't mind this song nearly as much as I thought I would. It has a great sound, which is helped out a considerably by Tony Hernando's skills as a guitarist. I'd never heard of him before this review, but I honestly like how he plays.  Track two is "Unbreakable," which features another piano-based intro also combined with pretty guitar riffs. The vocals are good, but not nearly as good as those on the first track. It's not a bad song, exactly, it's mainly me and how I'm interpreting it. I see the title "Unbreakable" and my mind immediately recalls all the other songs within this genre that I've heard which are based upon more or less the same concept. The end result is that I have a difficult time embracing this song, but that shouldn't stop any other Hard Rock fans from giving it a chance. "I Remember Your Name" starts out with some solid guitar play before the impressive vocals begin. The singer on this track clearly has a great range. The song has a nice sense of power about it without being over-the-top. The great melody makes the song even more pleasant to listen to, as does the excellent guitar solo. The solo is fairly short and sweet, yet memorable. Overall, it's a really good song.

"'Cause I Know You're The One" surprised me a lot. I honestly expected to hate it. As soon as it starts playing I realize there's no reason to hate it. It manages to sound a bit more intelligent than many other Hard Rock power ballads. The vocals as well as the music work very well together, creating a track that belongs on the radio. It's GOOD. "Nothing I Could Give You" has a lovely melodic intro which reminded me immediately of some of the songs by AXEL RUDI PELL, which is a talented band in its own right. The sound of the song is so harmonious and well-played that even a cynic like me can enjoy and appreciate it. It's simply great! "Calling You" features yet more piano combined with guitar riffs as it begins. I find that the vocals sound a bit too much like Steve Perry's, but I can see how that might appeal to some other people. While I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the other tracks, I can honestly say it is not awful by any means at all.

The remaining six tracks on the album are variations about the same themes mentioned in the previous tracks. They're well-played and show off Tony Hernando's talent as a guitarist very effectively along with the skills of his many guest vocalists. I went from being pretty skeptical about the whole thing to appreciating the great music they managed to create. If you're looking for some excellent songs that sound like they were recorded by the Hard Rock bands that you liked in your teens and early twenties then you should definitely get a copy of this album. Or if you're a younger music fan who managed to discover this style of Hard Rock by listening to your older brother's or sister's collection (or your parents!) you'd probably get a lot of enjoyment out of "Restless Spirits," too.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

  1. Stop Livin' To Live Online
  2. Unbreakable
  3. I Remember Your Name
  4. 'Cause I Know You're The One
  5. Nothing I Could Give You
  6. Calling You
  7. Live To Win
  8. You And I
  9. When It Comes To You
  10. Lost Time (Not To Be Found Again)
  11. In The Realm Of The Black Rose
  12. Nothing I Could Give You (acoustic version)

Tony Hernando -  Guitars
Deen Castronovo - Vocals
Johnny Gioeli - Vocals
Dino Jelusia -  Vocals
Kent Hilli -  Vocals
Diego Valdez - Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Vocals

Record Label: Frontiers Music


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