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Resurgence - Voices

by David Crossbowmen at 19 February 2019, 12:35 PM

RESURGENCE is an up and coming band from South New Wales that have recently self-released their debut album “Voices” in early 2019. This album is a bit of a mystery and I often times found myself confused. RESURGENCE play a variety of music on “Voices” including rock, metal, punk, and some grunge. Which is the reason for the confusion. Quite frankly, “Voices” and RESURGENCE for that matter, are seemingly going through an identity crisis. Will “Voices” come out a winner?

Opener “Envy” is one of the best tracks on the album. Groovy and heavy, this song is reminiscent of Volbeat at times. “Black Arrow” is a solid, rocking good time with kickass riffs. Another standout track “Fatal Behaviour”, is one of the heavier songs on “Voices”. Great solo and catchy. Joshua Ratcliff’s vocals are varied and are a major strength because he is able to sing according to the music written. “Punkwave” is just that…punk. Good sounding punk that sounds slightly like Green Day but it is fairly long at just over four minutes. “Astrotraveller” has lots of potential, sadly however, it is a slow burn that does not quite take off until late in the song. When it did get heavy though, it shows what beast of a song it can be. The Motley Crüe-like “Rock Island” sticks to 80’s rock with a modern edge. Which works really well actually. Another standout track is “Walk Away”. Awesome riffage and catchy song.

Game Over” has a kickass, slow and crushing riff. This is another song that would have benefited if it was shorter, as in meanders from time to time. There are vibes from Alice in Chains and arguably Tool as well. Great solo and the song picks up later which is a plus. Closing song “Total Control” is solid and Joshua should utilize those style of vocals more often. RESURGENCE has lots of potential. However, with a possible identity crisis in their material, RESURGENCE need to regroup and develop their sound further.

While mixing rock, punk, and metal may work on paper, RESURGENCE do not quite pull it off. “Voices” is a still a solid debut however. RESURGENCE show prowess in writing heavy material and could do amazing things if they went that route. Cannot wait to see how things develop!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Envy
2. Black Arrow
3. Falling Out
4. Fatal Behaviour
5. Punkwave
6. Astrotraveller
7. Honoured & Trusted
8. Rock Island
9. Walk Away
10. Game Over
11. Total Control
Giovani Demasi - Bass
Jason Mowle - Guitars
Vincent Chaber - Guitars
Joshua Ratcliff - Vocals
Uncredited - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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