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Resurgency - No Worlds...Nor Gods Beyond

No Worlds...Nor Gods Beyond
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 July 2017, 9:33 AM

Greek Death-Metallers RESURGENCY formed in Athens in 2009. The band previously released their first full-length album, “False Enlightenment,” in 2012. Five years then passed until this new release entitled “No Worlds…Nor Gods Beyond.” The album contains eight intense tracks, all under five minutes in running length. “Thresholds of Infinite Pain” leads off the assault. A fast and furious guitar riff combines with unified bass and drums, and tortured vocal bursts. Rhythmically it straddles a line between Metal and Punk-fusion at times. “Progenitors of Suffering” is a little quicker and with some darker minor chords that keep it like a rattlesnake, poised to strike and kill. They switch up the meter here and there to keep things interesting. The title track has an ominous opening, as the title would suggest. Short bursts of blast beat drumming sounds like the coming of doom in the form of a beast from another world. Vocals are drawn out a bit more to accentuate.

Chaos abounds in “Upset Sun in Shades Deform.” A pretty unique feature to the album is the way the guitar and bass match each other at times note for note. Too often, bass guitar can get lost in the bottom range of a song and go unnoticed, but not here. “Celestial Commemoration” is the longest song on the album, at just a hair under five minutes. A slightly slower place allows you to take in some of the evil with a wider scope. “Emancipation by Knowledge” is a fitting title for a song that aptly deals with anti-religious themes, and vocals that sound like they are coming from a demon in the underworld, barking instructions for a new world order. “Permutation Rites” is two minutes of unbridled aggression; an instrumental with hard accents and scale-climbing guitar and bass. “Through the Gate Inside Not” maintains a constant, fuzzy guitar presence from picked notes that never stop, like an M-60 shooting a constant barrage of bullets into feeling victims. A skillful guitar solo rounds out the track.

“Quartered Mental Existence” closes the album. Furious instrumentation fuels this song, full of anger and hate. Overall, it’s a solid Death Metal plate of rotting food and odorous fumes that fill the air with stench. The intensity is noteworthy, as well as the energy that exudes from the songs. There is not a lot of originality here, but it’s a solid listen nonetheless.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorabilty: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Thresholds of Infinite Pain
2. Progenitors of Suffering
3. No Worlds Nor Gods Beyond
4. Upset Sun in Shades Deform
5. Celestial Commemoration
6. Emancipation by Knowledge
7. Permutation Rites.
8. Through the Gates Inside Not
8. Quartered Mental Existence
Tolis B. – Bass
George K. – Guitars
John P. – Vocals
George Trakas – Drums
Panos Spanos – Guitars 
Record Label: F.D.A. Rekotz


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