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Resurrect The Machine - Uncover The Truth

Resurrect The Machine
Uncover The Truth
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 20 July 2017, 11:10 AM

Don't let be fooled by the name of the band, at first I thought it would be something along the lines of Melodic Death Metal or maybe Post-Hardcore, buy was I wrong, this American Band is actually more in the lines of pure Hard Rock. This is a reissue of their release of 2014, not entirely sure why there is a re-release of an album that is pretty recent but nonetheless, let's give it a go! I don't know much about the band and not a lot of info is available on the good old internet. I don't know when the band was formed but I know they claim California as their home base. I don't know if the bands has been resurrected (pun intended) because they took a break or simply they wanted to re-release their debut album. I really don't know, like I said the information is sparse at best.

You got a pretty good feeling about the album when you listen to the kick-ass opener, ''Rush''. I can sense a bit of New Wave of British Heavy Metal. You got some screaming good licks mixed in with some very nice vocals. Dean Ortega has some serious pipes and made me think a guys like Ronnie James Dio or Doogie White in their prime. The guy can reach the high notes but does keep the emotion intact throughout. You know what, what is cool about classic Heavy Metal or Hard Rock, it's part nostalgia but also part rediscovery. Sometimes it's refreshing to hear a new take on an old genre. I felt it was a breath of fresh air and it's probably because it made me feel nostalgic as well. It sounds old school with a twist, it's like if you had vintage QUEENSRYCHE but in 2017 without the band conflicts and whatnot. It's heavy, it's catchy and you have some really great Progressive Metal breakdowns here and there. The songs don't appear to long and the pace of the album is right up my alley. I didn't feel it was sluggish at all and it passed pretty quickly in my book.

You got pretty much everything for everyone, you got the ballad, you got the rocking tunes and the pretty cool guitar solos. It's a refreshing take on an old classic.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rush
2. Kaos
3. Meet Your Maker
4. Creeper
5. No Reason, Pt. 1
6. No Reason, Pt. 2
7. Cannibal
8. Headed for the Sun
9. Resurrect the Machine
Kurt Barabas - Bass
Joey Cotero - Drums and Percussions
Andre Makina - Guitars
Dean Ortega - Vocals
Record Label: Minotauro Records


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