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Resurrect Tomorrow - The Wolf

Resurrect Tomorrow
The Wolf
by Marco Angileri at 02 October 2019, 11:19 AM

RESURRECT TOMORROW is a Thrash Metal band from Utrecht, Netherland, formed back in 2012, with two album released so far, “A Dying Lie” (2014) and “The wolf” (2017), now released in a deluxe version with all the songs remastered as well as four bonus live songs (three from “The Wolf” itself plus one from the first album). I did not have the chance to listen to the “normal” release of “The Wolf” but I suspect that the reason behind this release is to improve the sound quality, and in fact, the production is not bad at all.

The sound of this Dutch guys is a direct thrash metal, and find the roots in the Bay Area (METALLICA over all), especially in the opening “At the end”; the following “Slaver’s crown” incorporates elements similar to Djent as well some similarities with the techno thrash of NEVERMORE“Not your right” has an approach more oriented to some thrash’n’roll, but still owes a lot to the Djent scene, with a tireless (and remarkable) drumming.

The title-track does not convince me, compared to the other episodes looks more flat, with few tempo changes and a predictable structure. The studio section ends with “Painted Windows”, where, in my opinion, the influence of Nevermore can be clearly heard, especially in the use of the voice in the bridges. As said in the opening, there are still four additional live tracks that, honestly, do not add much in terms of value to this deluxe version. Good release, but I do not know whether a remastered version of an album of only two years ago makes sense. Nevertheless I have to admit that the compositions are showing the good qualities of the Dutch quartet.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. At the end
2. Slaver’s Crown
3. Bleed
4. Not your Fight
5. The Wolf
6. Painted Windows
7. Painted Windows (live)
8. Bleed (live)
9. Slaver’s Crown (live)
10. Insane (live)
Aaron Oostdijk - Lead Guitar
Hakan Aydín - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Dennis van Elteren - Bass
Stephan de Regt - Drums
Record Label: Profane Records


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