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Retador – Retador

by Thomas Kumke at 14 November 2022, 5:44 AM

RETADOR hailing from Malaga, Spain were formed in 2020. The Thrash Metal band release their debut full-length album. “Retador” was recorded at Moontower Studio and it was mastered by Dan Swanö at his Unisound Studio. The album has a length of almost 37 minutes, and it was released via Spanish label Xtreem Music which has a number of Death, Thrash, and Black Metal bands among their roster.

The album starts with the title song and a tension-building intro, which transitions into a fast track with aggressive guitar riffing and plenty of lead guitar contributions as the opening track is an instrumental. “Lavenda” has a melodic introduction before the tight riffing takes over. The vocals are harsh ranging between the medium and the high end of the vocal range with occasional screams. The vocal lines are quite interesting as they are sometimes very aggressive, but contain at times classical Heavy Metal vibes. The tempo of “Lavenda” changes a lot from typical mid-tempo parts to highly paced parts, with staccato-type of riffing. The lead guitars contribute a lot to the track including a lead guitar solo.

Furia” starts in an upper mid-tempo, before it transitions into a high pace for the verse parts. The chorus parts are played in a stomping mid-tempo rhythm with the background vocals screaming out the chorus line. Highlight of “Furia” is the contributing lead guitar solo, which finds the right balance between being technical and playful but maintaining directness and aggression. “Titeres” starts with powerful riffing at mid-tempo. Focal point are the lead guitars at the beginning of the track. The start of the track has a few Heavy Metal vibes, but that changes very quickly towards an aggressive Thrash Metal approach. Although “Titeres” is very direct, RETADOR manage to find a way to include melodic parts through the lead guitars. “Titeres” is the official video release, and the YouTube link is given below.

Violencia” is a mid-tempo track, and the aggressive guitar riffing drives the song forward. There are a few subtle changes in rhythm throughout the track. The lead guitars are not as prominent compared to the other tracks, but there is still room left for a fine lead guitar solo. “Ton 618” is a quiet and tension-building instrumental with dark melodies provided by the guitars. With a length of 90 seconds, it is an interlude and with “Deseo De Matar”, the album is back to the Thrash Metal onslaught. It starts with Death Metal vibes, before it transitions into a mid-tempo track. The Thrash Metal approach of RETADOR is at times very melodic and highlight of the track is the lengthy lead guitar solo with epic melodies.

Corrupcion” starts with a head-banging, almost sluggish rhythm and with lots of aggression and anger in the vocals. Focal point are once more the lead guitars and their melodies. “Juicio Final” is a fast-paced track during the verse parts and a mid-tempo track during the chorus parts. The guitar riffing is very direct and sharp, reminding me on KREATOR at times. The lead guitars contribute with a relatively short lead guitar solo. The album closes with “B52” and the KREATOR inspirations are at full swing during the intro, and during the riffing. It is a song at frantic speed and the middle part has a few SLAYER vibes. “B52” is the longest track of the album and one of the highlights. A very good way to finish the album.

RETADOR deliver a very promising Thrash Metal album. The self-titled debut has all the ingredients of classical Thrash Metal: the aggression, the flesh-ripping riffs, the pace, and the characteristically highly pitched vocals and screams. “Retador” is also very melodic with a lot of lead guitar contributions. RETADOR do not re-invent the wheel, they stick to a well-tried Thrash Metal approach and to their inspirations. The album is well produced. Melodic Thrash Metal fans will love the album and it will be interesting to see how RETADOR will build on their debut in the future. They set the bar pretty high.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Retador
2. Lavenda
3. Furia
4. Titeres
5. Violencia
6. Ton 618
7. Deseo De Matar
8. Corrupcion
9. Juicio Final
10. B52
Jofre – Vocals, Guitars
Rolo – Guitars
Juan Jolocaust – Drums
Migueli – Bass
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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