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Reternity - Cosmic Dreams

Cosmic Dreams
by Andrew Harvey at 06 September 2022, 1:39 PM

This sensational quintet RETERNITY is a mix of styles as well as progressive, thrash, doom and melodic heavy metal all in one. The band themselves consist of three core musicians who are vocalist STEFAN ZORNER(Ex-SPITEFUEL Ex-LANFEAR, Ex-STRANGEIST and Ex-MITHRIL), guitarist SEMEN BRIK(Ex-VICTORIUS and Ex-ECHO.MENSCH) and second guitarist CARSTEN SAUTER(Ex-MIGHTY D. and PYROCLASM). The remaining two members who joined in 2021 are bassist DUSTE DECAY and drummer CONNER NELSON. This melodic heavy metal band have now released three albums altogether after a demo in 2018, was their first album titled FACING THE DEMON, followed by A TEST OF SHADOWS in 2020 and then their third album has just been released.

The third album which is COSMIC DREAMS certainly has delivered on how their sound has been described or interpreted as the new album demonstrates a new path for RETERNITY. The album opens for “Building Better Worlds” with strange but nostalgic mid-range sounding vocals as spoken word before an all round unison with all instruments as vocals do join in once more. The sci-fi soundscape effects in the background as the animalistic guitar jumps out as a keyboard sound bounces. The knock on by drums is just incredible and well thought as it provokes vocals to create that echoed-atmospheric rock vibe. Guitar leads from the front then to go into a repeat of the intro as we go into “Untamed Hearts” as a drum build up gives entry to guitar to fly in. The tempo may be slow but vocals are thriving as they are confident and guitar plays each time vocals bow out. Then solo guitar plays for a moment after another drum hit as vocals then persuade all other instruments to rejoin the next phase of play.

Solo guitar ends this track as “Depths Of Nothingness” flows in with technical electronic beats then real drums then real drums build the track up dynamically as electric guitar jitters or taking control of the tempo. Vocals reach higher pitch as guitar drives the momentum where we can maybe hear true progressive metal as if they were inspired by DREAM THEATRE. Then heavy bass guitar blasts through as does electric guitar with tremolo effect as before. Vocals and guitar close out now into “Cosmic Dreams” thrash and kick ass guitar with quick pace drumming introduces this fourth track. Synthetic band unison does come into close contact but heavier, thumper concoctions do force their way through, Then vocals fluctuate for a moment or two after drums blow down their wall or boundary.

These heavier toned sections, almost like metalcore or nu-metal stylistic approaches, work very well. Vocals and bass guitar plus drums take a short time to lead the narrative as the fifth track “Astronaut” is coming next. The fifth track is merely a short minute and a half instrumental track as vocals are heard in a radio transmission then they do take the spotlight to guide the soundscape as piano is in there too. The track is gentle as synth based waves come and go as we now dip down then into “Blitzwerfer Blues” we go as guitar struts its stuff. Drums counting on a cymbal rhythm then a gradual crescendo is incoming. Tempo plays steadily in adagio mode as drums, bass and electric guitar are the main ingredients of classic rock toned bliss.

However we can assume that the song title was named as the intro goes like classic blues rock song. But in saying there are more progressive and melodic elements that exist in the track. “Seemingly” as it is slow with guitar as drums do punch through as vocals calm the orchestration. This track has more of the melodic side show with heavy tones of bass guitar, electric guitar and drums. Organ sound effect is brought in as vocals are very dynamic and well spoken while a vague percussive rhythm hovers in the background then crescendos. Drums return to close the track as vocals are on top then switch to radio voiceover. “Only Scars Remain” crashes and burns with bass + electric guitar alongside vocals in a full band unison.

Vocals sound harsh at times grunting and sounding a little more aggressive but pull back when necessary. Guitar blows our minds with great solo work as other instruments backup guitar then vocals return. Drums then take over with electric guitar to guide the track then vocals partner up with guitar to close then into “Wonderful Life”. Electric guitar kicks this track off with drums or vocals knowing when to play as the track is well arranged. Electric guitar is away again and then subtle vocals in radio voiceover. “The Narrow Sleep” with guitar harmonics and marching drums playing gently then quiet down for string sound effect. Vocal harmonies are in as the tempo is less than before and doom metal vocals are heard.

Closing as a soundscape of sci-fi leads vocals into “My Reternity” as acoustic guitar strums beautifully as drum beats are present as triggered sound effects possibly programmed. Cymbal washes in on a crescendo and vocal words are in the mid-range tone with electronic blips. This album is just so mixed, versatile and maybe concept based, who knows, it was an album full of progressive, thrash, doom and melodic playing.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Building Better Worlds
2. Untamed Hearts
3. Depths Of Nothingness
4. Cosmic Dreams
5. Astronaut
6. Blitzwerfer Blues
7. Seemingly
8. Only Scars Remain
9. Wonderful Life
10. The Narrow Sleep
11. My Reternity
Stefan Zorner - Vocals
Semen Brik - Guitars
Carsten Sauter - Guitars
Duste Decay - Bass Guitar
Conner Nelson - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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