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Retribution - Corpus Antichristi Y3K Award winner

Corpus Antichristi Y3K
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 14 April 2014, 5:39 PM

RETRIBUTION! Is it something that your soul desires? Normally I could care less, but in this case the sound of RETRIBUTION is music to my ears. Of course I mean the Symphonic Black Metal band from Spain. “Corpus Antichristi Y3K” is the band’s first full length album which follows their first EP. Now I am a huge symphonic black metal fan, and they are another fine example of why. The intricacy and beauty of the music is exceptional. They hold nothing back. From the heavy dark metal, to the masterfully blended symphonic edge, to the operatic female backing vocals.

The lead vocals are all harsh. It is Black Metal that is fine. What I particularly like are the very opera like female backing vocals. They aren’t shy with them either. There are lot of duets between the two vocal styling. The drum work is exceptional. They’re fast, intricate, and heavy. The guitars are awesome. Nice heavy dark riffs, and some nice solos as well. The orchestra sounds are what really set it off. They all blend together perfectly, to create some very awesome music. They switch up the sounds too, no repetition. It is very obvious that all the members of the group have true devotion and wonderful talent.

All in all RETRIBUTION to the not so hard core Symphonic Metal fan, may just be another symphonic band. For those who truly appreciate the music for what it is these guys are just down right fantastic. The music is heavy and grim, but there is a beauty to it that cannot be denied. These guys nail every element of it too. Wonderful band.

4 Star Rating

1. Arcarius Mallefico
2. Opus Serpentis
3. Corpus Antichristi Y3K
4. The One
5. The Promised Land
6. Uinsann’s Lullaby
7. Gobleki Tepe
8. The Ark of Annihilation
9. Like a Lamb Among Wolves
10. Trinity, A New Start
11. Retribution
L. Shihan - Lead Vocals
Itea Benedicto - Soprano
Zakk Threat - Rhythm Guitars
Noos - Lead Guitars
Rhad - Orchesta
Tagotis - Bass
Bobine Wizard - Drums
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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