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Retribution - Made In Hell (CD)

Made In Hell
by Ian Kaatz at 22 February 2008, 10:01 AM

\[all tracks reviewed in reverse order (last to first)]

Another re-release from Metal Mind and once again with a Thrash-related CD, this time with RETRIBUTION. I will say, though, RETRIBUTION and CHAINSAW play types of Thrash that the opposite ends of the spectrum as far as the Thrash genre goes. They apply a wee bit of a futuristic metallic-y kinda sound to Thrash and this was the outcome.

The band started in 1999 and has had the same lineup except the current one replaced the original drummer. They recorded a demo in 2002 that got their name out there and were eventually signed to Empire Records. The first time Made In Hell was released was 2005.

I think with RETRIBUTION they have a sound that might be a more 'metallic'-sounding, but still along the lines of early-SKINLAB as well as a dash of MESHUGGAH due to the effect they use on the guitar. The first few songs on the record retain this quality. However, there are songs like Snap Up Neurosis and Dehumanization, which sound more a like a NEVERMORE brand of Thrash.

Easily the highlight of the album has got to be Logic Matchbox Horror not only is the track title a pretty sick title, but also the band really has their own sound on this song. I really like the greater extent of vocal variation that is being used. My least favorite track is Pitch Black Future. The song is just musically boring and sounds like one of the biggest uses of a filler track. It oozes terrible Nu Metal mixed with something else bad not sure what though.

RETRIBUTION I think have a fairly solid record here, but it could use tweaks here and there. I would recommend this \[for] any fan of SKINLAB first and foremost since that is what the majority of the songs lean towards, but use anyone that likes Thrash with a kinda of futuristic touch.

3 Star Rating

Made In Hell
Snuff Sinematography
Radical Cuts
Ordinary Judas
Dealer Fucking Killer
Pitch Black Future
Logic Matchbox Horror
Public Doctrines Proof
Snap Up Neurosis
Shambo -Vocals
Tomek - Guitar
Hubert - Guitar
Karson - Bass
Pin - Drums
Maly - Vocals
Record Label: Metal Mind


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