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Revel In Flesh - Relics of the Deathkult

Revel In Flesh
Relics of the Deathkult
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 15 March 2018, 11:59 AM

There are bands that try and try again to do something different, but are chained to old models, to the old ways of playing Metal. Every Metal genre holds their secrets, and no matter the efforts you can do, you won’t be as the ancients. In Death Metal, no one can be as DEATH, ENTOMBED, OBITUARY, DISMEMBER, DEICIDE or any other band of the beginning of the 90s. So, REVEL IN FLESH, a good name from German Metal scene, shows on the compilation “Relics of the Deathkult”, shows that they need to improve.

Musically, they play Old School Death Metal. Just that, nothing new or that can make the difference. No, they aren’t as bad as my words could seem, but they aren’t good enough to be above the level of those common bands. If we were speaking about a flood, they would be those that wouldn’t be drawn by waters, but couldn’t escape the water flow. It’s not a good analogy, but I believe my words are enough. The sound quality is something really raw. Of course it would be in that way for a band that emulates what was done in the past. No, there’s nothing wrong in this aspect, but a better sound quality would make miracles. Maybe the stench of mold would disappear.

But the nightmare (in the bad sense of the word) keeps on when songs as “Bonecrusher”, “Chant of Misery”, “Deathkult”, “Phlebotomy - Blood Dripping Healing”, or “Casket Ride”. Good ideas exist in some parts; but I just can’t describe the sensation of hearing a wannabe band, trying to be what they’ll never be: a band from the 90s. To be honest, their best moments are in their versions for MASTER’s “Pay to Die”, DEATH’s “Mutilation”, and “Deny the Light” from HEADHUNTER D.C. But if you have talent for versions, it means that you’re on the wrong way.

It’s a pity a band with talent want just to be an imitation…

Originality: 4
Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 3
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. Bonecrusher
2. Corpus Vermis
3. Chant of Misery
4. Deathkult
5. Phlebotomy - Blood Dripping Healing
6. Nightrealm Ghouls - The Dead Will Walk the Earth
7. The Ending in Fire
8. Casket Ride
9. Pay to Die (Master - Cover)
10. Mutilation (Death - Cover)
11. Deny the Light (Headhunter D.C. - Cover)
Haubersson - Vocals
Herrmannsgard - Guitars
Maggesson - Lead guitars
Gotzberg - Bass
Henrikson - Drums
Record Label: War Anthem Records


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