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Revelation Rain - Vengeance is Mine (Saith the Lord)

Revelation Rain
Vengeance is Mine (Saith the Lord)
by Neil Cook at 09 November 2020, 6:43 PM

Vengeance Is Mine (Saith The Lord)” is the debut from Michigan four-piece Christian Rock band REVELATION RAIN. Formed in 2019 from the demise of a previous band, the project really quickly, even factoring in the our favorite friend, and global pandemic Corona Virus, but come together it did, and the record was recorded and even a few live dates were fitted in around the current situation we all find ourselves in.

For me the band have an earthy, raw, garage rock sound, a little Stoner, a bit Doomy at times. Unfortunately I found some songs a little to similar, and therefore my interest waned over the 10 tracks.  Also I found the vocals a bit of an acquired taste. I notice all members were credited with both lead and backing vocals.  I could not really tell if different singers sang different songs, or parts of songs, but the band as a whole were tight, and it was nice to hear Bass in the mix.

Of the songs I liked the most were the opening track “New kind Of Man”, a good solid start to the record, “Days Of The Week”, even with, or because of the slightly iffy chorus, it has an upbeat feel to it, and the title track, and closer “Vengeance Is Mine”, finishes the album on a high.

Of the songs I didn’t enjoy so much, the one that stands out is “Can’t Forgive What I can’t Forget”.  I’m sorry but this one was a bit on the nose, both in the vocal department, but the Christian message was hammered home in a heavy handed, clumsy way in my opinion, and it needn’t be that way, as “Vengeance Is Mine” proves.

Other than that the rest is a bit meh for me.  There are flashes, the lead guitars on “Tears On The Wall” are really good, but the sudden full stop of the song is jarring, and the creepy pacing of “Bloody Thumbs” is cool, and “I Want You” has an excellent bassline and musically is punky, but the vocals are particularly jarring to my ears.

There could be something there, and perhaps it was the desire and pace used to get this music out there and done, should have been tempered by taking a little more time to hone the sound further.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. New Kind Of Man
2. Taste Of Tomorrow
3. Days Of The Week
4. Alone
5. Night Falls Fast
6. Can’t Forgive What I Can’t Forget
7. Tears On The Wall
8. Bloody Thumbs
9. I Want You
10. Vengeance Is Mine
Grant – Drums, Lead & Backing Vocals
JT – Lead Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Marti – Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals
Rob – Rhythm Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Atonement Records


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