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Revelation's Hammer - Revelation's Hammer

Revelation's Hammer
Revelation's Hammer
by Azmo Lozmodial at 08 August 2013, 10:45 AM

Oslo, the land of the apocalyptic Black Metal scene, where the blasphemous and the inhumane black metal riffs rage like a blind tornado toward the Black Metallers in the whole world. Norway has reached its musical peak in the 90s when bands like MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, and GORGOROTH have been sent to the world as musical curses-gems, and this land is still sending such blackened art till today, and here is REVELATION'S HAMMER released the self-titled debut album to prove that Norway will always keep providing the world with excellent Black Metal releases. If you're a fan of the classic Black Metal era and the second wave of black metal music, then you have to check this record now and get a copy to burst your ears into blood.

Seeing the angry blackened riffs streaming from the speakers is something cannot be described, especially if the stream has the smell of the 90s Norwegian Black Metal era, and here is REVELATION'S HAMMER is presenting this diabolic cascading sound with this self-titled debut album. The huge size of the blast beats and the limitless strength of the tremolo guitar sound are the main musical themes, and both the drumming and the guitars are influenced by the ancient sound of the second wave of Black Metal, so you can clearly see DARKTHRONE through the lunatic guitar riffs and you can hear GORGOROTH and IMMORTAL between the raging sound of the drumming. The crispy black metal vocals that sound like an insane raven and the lunatic shouts made the total sound full of mightiness and solidity. And some Swedish Black Metal influences also appear from time to time between the evil chord progressions inside this maniac atmosphere that filled my ears with blasphemy. The total sound has been created by only one musician, Accuser has managed build this great sound by himself, and some guests have been featured too to help him create the sound in his mind.

The album contains only six tracks, but that doesn’t mean that this album is short at all, because most of the tracks run for more than seven minutes. The longest tracks are "Obsessed Onslaught" and "Buried as Filth", and in these tracks there's a total hell, because every riff will crash the glass of your face with its grim tune and monstrous taste. "Avgudsdyrkelse" and "Den Blåøyde" are the shortest tracks in this record, and each one runs for about five minutes, and they're the only Norwegian tracks here, and this is will be a special thing for the Norwegian Black Metal fans. The artwork is actually genius; it combines the arts of misanthropy, chaos, perversion, apocalypse and blasphemy in one cup, with hellish colors and an artistic effect, I really like these kinds of artworks that describe the music in a very mysterious way. Why would I recommend this album to anyone? Because there are a lot of Black Metal bands out there that try to clone the sound of the early second wave of Black Metal, and most of these bands are just creating a blind music, like a dumb story that goes nowhere, but REVELATION'S HAMMER's music is something that you will adore, it something will stink your apartment with the real taste of the Norwegian Black Metal art for weeks.

The worshippers of the second wave of Black Metal are the main fans who would adore this record, but also the fans of the Swedish and the Finnish Black Metal scenes will also respect every single moment here. The fans of Black with Death Metal will also enjoy this record because this abominable spirit is dwelling here forevermore, get your copy now from My Kingdom Music and start enjoying the rotten taste of the Norwegian stench.

4 Star Rating

1. Obsessed Onslaught
2. Revelation's Hammer
3. Den Blåøyde
4. Buried as Filth
5. Avgudsdyrkelse
6. The Crown of Malice
Accuser - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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