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Revelation – Never Comes Silence

Never Comes Silence
by Maria Voutiriadou at 05 December 2010, 7:12 PM

Two fingers upon broody lips are not enough to bring silence. If you look more careful to REVELATION’s all-time classic “Never Comes Silence” cover artwork, you are gonna find out exactly what I want to say. The most heavy Doom stuff that this trio from Maryland has ever written is here again, ready to blast the speakers, grabbing us by the hair and throwing us into REVELATION’s old school Doom style and their sorrowful and real slow doom melodies. Thank Shadow Kingdom Records once again for keeping a good eye on them, releasing not only their new stuff but their back catalog as well.

This re-release is special though; not only because is my favorite REVELATION album that inducted me into their complex, heavy haunted sound but also because it includes some live recorded stuff from the very final show with John Brenner and Josh Hart back in 1993. Hell yeah! If you consider yourselves being true doomsters, you really must have this one and enjoy for one more time classic hits from the very first “Salvation's Answer” like “Infinite Nothingness”, “Poets and Paupers” and “Long After Midnight” of course, as well as “Unreal”, “Wounds Which Never Heal” and the second part of “Never Comes Silence” in live recording. Besides, you are going to find some interesting linear notes and images from that period, having the chance to take it back to your hands and revisit this alchemic Doom Metal gem.

John Brenner wrote in the prologue, inside the accompanying booklet: “…sometimes it’s difficult for me to listen to this record, but I can’t deny that we were beginning to progress and to accomplish things musically we had dreamed of from the beginning, back in 1986. I’m pleased that people can find something worth listening to in this album and that it lives on once again, in more that just my memory”. Be sure John, of course we do.

“I'm alone
No one watches me
In no one's thoughts am I now
Must it be as if it never were?
I can't see beyond yesterday
As I fade from your memory
So do I fade from my own

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  1. Against Nature
  2. Ashes
  3. The Unbearable Vision
  4. Frustrations
  5. One Last Step
  6. Spectre
  7. Wounds Which Never Heal
  8. Unreal
  9. Never Comes Silence
Enchanced CD:
Live at Spectator's
Frederick, MD January 13, 1993.
Final show with John Brenner and Josh Hart
Soundboard recording (first song cuts in late)

  1. One Last Step
  2. Infinite Nothingness
  3. Never Comes Silence Part 2
  4. Unreal
  5. Wounds Which Never Heal
  6. Poets and Paupers
  7. Long After Midnight
TV John show, 1992

  1. Poets And Paupers
  2. Wounds Which Never Heal
John Brenner - Vocals, Guitars
Josh Hart - Bass
Steve Branagan - Drums
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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