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Revenge - Metal Is: Addiction And Obsession (Reissue)

Metal Is: Addiction And Obsession (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 April 2017, 11:45 PM

Got the words out of my mouth, couldn't be more right no matter how it is put. I guess that you don't really have to be an old school minded in order to let this sink in, Metal music is a source of outstanding addiction. However, there is no need for a cure, nor a visit to your nearby preacher, who needs it if it does only good? You would better ask the Colombian REVENGE and they will tell you about it, yet pretty quick as they have to push forward. EBM Records have just reissued the band’s 2011 album, “Metal Is: Addiction And Obsession”, granting a small release of 80’s inflicted Speed / Heavy Metal to become better known to the industry.  Tired of contemporary Metal, there is a bunch of maniacs waiting for you in the corner to rattle your head and shake your soul.

While reminding respectable relics of the 80’s as EXCITER and RAZOR, it is more or less down to the basics. REVENGE have been speeding for several years now, yet without changing much of their approach and I guess that it is not because they don't want to. There is a consistency that is quite common among bands of the sorts, maintaining the old spirit, pumping air into its lungs for another day. “Metal Is: Addiction And Obsession” holds a range of addictive true Metal riffs, a kind that never seems to tire, soaring high pitched vocals in a fine level and soloing that wouldn't lead you astray, the old age is alive and well. Furthermore, REVENGE composed melodies within the riffs along with twin guitar harmonies that marked a certain British vibe, a sort that will have you in their grasp song after song. On the other hand, although keeping it to the classic era, there is a margin of recycling within the songwriting that was rather easy to notice. It showed a different picture, possibly a mere road block in the band’s ideas of how to fight the fight in the present, and trust that there are ways to indulge on the old school and pass the test of time.

The album includes several potential songs that could become one of the better outcomes of Speed Metal nowadays. “Fire Attack” is what the 80’s era was all about, demonstrating melodic delivery of good quality surging through a hymn oriented harmony, rudimentary speedy riffs that burn and a front that yells its soul out. There is a true passion in that one. I would also add “Speed Metal to the Bone” and “Plague of Death”, between mid-tempo and undeniable speed, the Colombians proved that there aren’t stopping or changing for nobody. EBM Records also included four live tracks, half from the album and half from previous discography. The quality of the recordings isn’t a feast for sore ears, but at least more of the songs are listenable. “Fire Attack” sounded amazing live and one of the band’s old tracks “Metal Warriors” sounded pretty strong as well.

Fans of LICH KING and EVIL INVADERS would probably dig this one, there is a wholesome of energy in this South American squad and I would gladly listen to something new of theirs coming my way.


3 Star Rating

1. Intro - Hell Avenger (Let's Go to Hell and There Hail to Satan)
2. Speed Metal to the Bone
3. Plague of Death
4. Metal Rules My Life
5. No Speed Limit for Destruction
6. Addiction and Obsession
7. Satan's Warriors
8. Fire Attack
9. Motorider (Live)
10. Fire Attack (Live)
11. Hell Avenger (Live)
12. Metal Warriors (Live)
Juan Pablo Arroyave - Guitars
Esteban Mejía - Vocals / Guitars
Daniel "Hell Avenger" Hernandez - Drums
Jorge Rojas - Bass
Record Label: EBM Records


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